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Sorry for the delay in posting this, everyone!Without further delay, I bring you:Mare Mistress VII------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The next few months we all became very close companions. Adara, Saphira, B'rial, Esyro and I had many fiery nights together. My two mare lovers and I enjoyed lovemaking almost every night, but B'rial and Esyro mostly kept to themselves. They only made love to each other, and even then only in the traditional stallion-to-mare way. He'd mount her, do his business, and they'd be done in a few minutes. I had offered to pleasure them both on several occassions, but each time they declined. I had even tried to get B'rial to perform orally on Esyro, just to give them something new to try, but neither of them seemed interested. Nevertheless, the five of us became inseperable.I had also learned more about the race of beings who had abducted me and infused me with horse DNA. They call themselves the Equans. They live in six cities, five smaller cities equally spaced from one another around a 60 mile radius from the capital city, which is three times as big as the small cities. Adara and I had been back to the capital city twice since our initial visit. Joran told us that there were many horses that chose to live outside of the cities, although some had chosen to be infused with human DNA and join the Equans in their society. They were very technologically advanced, and made astounding leaps in technology every day that would have taken mankind decades to achieve.Winter was setting in now. We spent most of our time in the barn to escape the freezing winds that whipped the snow-covered countryside. At night I slept tucked away in the warmth between Saphira and Adara, their soft winter fur felt luxurious against my skin.One particularly cold night, a few days before New Year's, I was awakened by soft nudging. I opened my eyes and stared into the darkness, trying to see who it was. Once my eyes adjusted, I could see that it was Esyro."Esyro? Is everything okay?" I asked, half dazed."Yes... No... I don't know. I just feel like I need to talk to someone." She replied."Okay." I said, standing up and being careful not to awaken Adara and Saphira. I shivered as I stood up, the warmth of my two mare lovers being suddenly replaced by the chilled night air. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped myself in it as Esyro and I walked to an area of the barn where we could be alone."What's on your mind, Esyro?" I asked.She looked at me sullenly. "I... I think something is wrong with B'rial. He seems to have changed ever since... well... ever since you two made love. He doesn't seem to be as passionate with me as he was before. I don't know what's troubling him, but I'm really starting to worry. I... I think he may be losing the feelings he has toward me" She replied, the pain she felt at the very thought of losing her lover very evident in her demeanor. I wrapped my arms around the bay mare and stroked her neck as I hugged her, trying to comfort her."I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. I've seen the way he acts when he's with you. He loves you more than anything in the world, there's no doubt in my mind. He may just be having some guilty thoughts about what he and I did together. He may feel that he was unfaithful to you and be ashamed by it. I know that he loves you though, Esyro." I said."But he knows I was okay with him wanting to have... that kind of experience with you. He shouldn't feel guilty..." She said back to me."I know, I know. Everything's going to be okay." I whispered to her, doing my best to comfort her but failing.After a while she calmed back down. "Thank you for listening... and for caring" she said, nuzzling me."Hey, that's what friends are for, right?" I said, smiling at her. About that time, B'rial woke up."Esyro? Esyro? Where are you my love?" I heard him call out."He's looking for you. Go on, lay back down with him, get some rest. And don't trouble yourself. Talk with him tomorrow and reassure him, just let him know you still love him and care for him. I'm sure if you do that, he'll be back to his old self." I said.Esyro nuzzled me one more time, then she went back to B'rial."There you are, my love," He said, nuzzling her, "I was getting worried. Come, lay with me."I watched them lay down together and smiled. "They're lucky to have each other." I said to myself. After that, I snuggled back up with Adara and Saphira. Saphira stirred slightly, and for a moment I thought I had woken her up. She just snorted, shifted her body position so that her head rested on Adara's neck, and went back to sleep. "And I'm lucky to have you two." I whispered, stroking Saphira's neck and running my fingers through her mane.The next morning, I woke up and was surprised to find that Saphira and I were the only two in the barn. I kissed her on the forehead and ran my hand down her face, gently caressing her muzzle. "Wake up, beautiful." I whispered to her."Wha?.. Oh. Good morning" She said as she awoke. She looked around for a minute, noticing everyone else was gone. "Where'd everyone go?" She asked. It was still very early in the morning, the sun hadn't even come out yet."That's a good question." I replied. "I'm sure they'll be back soon, though, it's still terribly cold outside.""You're probably right." Saphira said. "Hey... do you think we've got time for a little.. quicky?"I looked at her, a huge grin overtaking my face."Always." I said. "I've got an idea. I want to try something... a little different.""Oh? Do tell." She said."Well... how long do you think you can stay laying on your back?" I asked her."Hmm.. probably long enough." She said back to me, knowing exactly what I was thinking.With that, she rolled over onto her back and tried to steady herself. She let her hind legs spread open as wide as she could get them."That looks uncomfortable." I said to her."It's okay, I can handle it long enough for what we're doing." She said back to me.I straddled her belly and leaned forward to kiss her on the muzzle. We shared a few passionate kisses, letting our tongues dance around in each other's mouths, then I slid down her belly a little farther. I kissed her chest and belly, rubbing her sides and moaning, my member rock-hard with desire for her. I then positioned myself to enter her pussy while laying on her belly. I inserted myself into her and slowly pushed in, wrapping my arms around her sides, her front and hind legs hanging in mid-air clumsily. I began to sweat as I continued pushing into her slowly. I tried to pace myself, making our pleasure last as long as I could. Every time I entered her I felt her entire body shudder with intense pleasure. She closed her eyes and laid her head back, her balance faltering as she was overcome with stimulation. I continued pushing into her, steadily increasing my pace, breathing heavily as steam rose from my body in the cool winter air. I felt Saphira begin to breathe more heavily as she squirmed with delight underneath me. Among all of this passionate love making, I had a thought and a small laugh escaped me."You know, I never thought I'd be making love to a horse in the missionary position." I said.Saphira didn't reply, she was soaking up every ounce of pleasure she could from the moment. I began thrusting even faster and harder. After another couple of minutes I felt Saphira tense up underneath me as she threw her head up and whinnied, her pussy tightening around my cock as she was overtaken by a powerful orgasm. I didn't stop, I continued slamming my cock into her faster and faster, driving it into her wonderfully wet pussy as deep as I could go. She was now panting, snorting, and emitting short, shrill sounds every time I pushed into her. I felt her tighten up even more and her entire body began trembling and shaking violently as she was overtaken by a second orgasm only seconds after the first one. I gave one last hard thrust and ejaculated deep into her, my every sense being overtaken by a blinding orgasm. When the last of my cum had spurted into her, I collapsed onto her belly and passed out.When I came to, Saphira was laying next to me, licking my face and chest. I lifted my hand and brought her muzzle to my lips, kissing her and closing my eyes."I've never felt anything like that in my life." I said to her, still breathing heavily."Me neither." She said. Her coat was slightly damp with sweat and her rear end was completely covered with the aftermath of our lovemaking. Saphira laid down and I laid down next to her, draping a large heavy blanket over us as we curled up and went to sleep together.Not even fifteen minutes later, our rest was abruptly interrupted. The barn door was flung open, making a loud crashing noise. I immediately jumped to my feet to see Esyro come walking through the door. Before I even saw her I knew in my heart something was wrong. She stumbled into the barn, soaking wet from head to tail, ice clinging to her coat as she shivered violently from the cold. She took a few steps and collapsed. I ran to her, kneeling down next to her."Esyro!!! What happened!??" I asked, panic-stricken. Saphira took the blanket we had been using in her mouth and covered Esyro with it."No..." Esyro said quietly "no... no... B'rial..." She said before passing out.I quickly stood up and ran to get more blankets. "Saphira, lay next to her, try to keep her warm, I'm going to try to find some blankets and towels to dry her off."Saphira laid down next to her as I draped three more blankets over her. Esyro laid there, still shivering and shaking."She's exhausted." I said.Adara came walking into the barn with her head hung low. I ran to her. "My love, what happened?" I said, tears starting to well up in my eyes. She put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes."I'm not sure. I woke up and Esyro was running out of the barn after B'rial. I followed them. B'rial kept running as fast as he could. When he came to the river, he couldn't tell that the ice was too thin to walk on, since it was covered in snow. He fell in about half way across. He tried to make it back to the bank but the ice was too thin, it kept breaking. He was pulled under by the current of the river. Esyro went in after him and tried desperately to save him, almost being pulled under herself." Adara laid down next to Esyro, the two mares surrounding the third mare with their body heat."Oh... no..." I said, in total shock and grief. "Are you sure he didn't make it out? maybe he made it to the other side of the river. Or maybe he went over the waterfall and survived and was able to get out at the bottom... he can't be gone... he just can't be."I sat down in front of Esyro, laying her head on my lap, cupping her ears in my hands and blowing on them to warm them up. She came to, and raised her head, still shaking and shivering. "B'rial.." she moaned." easy. We almost lost you there. Don't try to get up. Just lay here until we can get you warmed up." I whispered to her. Her head fell back into my lap.Tears were streaming down my face. I couldn't imagine what Esyro was going through right now. My heart ached deeply for the loss of our friend, and also for Esyro for having to bear the loss of her mate.After Esyro was dry, I stood up and took the wet blankets off of her, and covered her with more dry blankets. She laid there sleeping for several hours, her body still overcome with exhaustion. Adara, Saphira, and I stayed with her, silent the entire time. I sat there, Esyro's head still on my lap, stroking her forehead.Later that day Saphira, Adara, and I returned to the river to scan the banks for B'rial. I called out his name from Saphira's back as she walked along the edge of the frozen river. We searched for several hours to no avail. We spent the greater part of the day searching, hoping we'd find him, our hope dwindling as the hours passed. When it started to get dark we had to call off our search.When we got back to the barn, I tried my best to console Esyro."We.. didn't find him. Oh Esyro... I'm so sorry... I... I don't know what to say." I said, throwing my arms around her neck, trying to comfort her."Where will I go now?" She said. "B'rial was my whole world. He was everything to me. Now I have nothing left. Nothing to live for. When I lost B'rial, I lost the most important piece of my life. I have nobody now.""You have us, Esyro. We'll take care of you. We care about you. I know it hurts... but we're here for you, and we always will be here for you." I said to her.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To Be Continued------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Expect part 8 within the week! And remember, as always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated!
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