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Hi, peeps,i m new here, so i am just checking out what is happenning on this side of the world. I had an interesting experience that i have never shared with.. i find animal sex very kinky here is a short story (real life exp.) how i got into this pleasure. I was swimming in my pool late in the evening naked, and just relaxing after a hard day. Have a dog, Rottweiler who is maybe 2 years old or so. he likes to play a lot with anything and anyone who comes to visit me. When i got out of water, was walking toward the shower, and then my dog came running to me to play. We started wrestling, and i came to a position where he was behind me. He just suddenly mounted me from the back and started to hump on my back. I felt a tip of his warm cock trying to enter in my ass hole. I wanted to raise first, but then found it excitig myself. I got up at last, and stoped my dog. I felt a little excitement in my blood, and i could feel that i was getting an errection. . So then i started to play with him nicely and touching his genitelias (is this the right word?) lol.. anyways, i felt he was getting hard again. So i went down again bending over in front of him, he mounted me again. I slowly was guiding him in my ass until he found the entrance. I suddenly felt a thrust and him speding up and pumping me with full speed. As you know Rottweilers are crazy dogs, and mine is too sometimes. I started to feel pain and pleasure at the same time, but it got better. I felt his hot cock growing in me so much, that i was starting to have orgasm feelings. That is weird, as for guys i didnt know that we can feel orgasm in the ass. lol.. anyways, i felt his hot semen splurting inside me, and his cock swelling, i looked underneath and see a knot coming out. This is where i have put my hand and stopped it from entering, as i know that dogs do that and get stuck for like 30 mins or so. So i took his cock out of me and loads of semen came out splurting..ewwwww but feels good.. well i obviously had to wash after this, and feeling a bit ashamed of myself i thought of it like never happened....until now, that i decided to post this story for you all to read... i hope i am not the weirdest one around.. p.s. has anyone seen woman having sex with monkey?? i was wondering and couldnt find it on this website... ok guys cya later, let me know what u think of this...
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