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Note: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. I am borrowing her characters and adding my own plot. I am not making any money from writing this story. All characters are 18 or older. Since book 7 is not yet out this story keeps with Harry Potter Canon. Also this story has not been Beta'd, just spell checked. ___________________________________________________________________________________Chapter One: One would think that she could get laid more often than she did. She defiantly thought she should get laid more than she did. She supposed it was the fact she was the “brightest witch of her age” that intimidated the wizards and sent them scampering off. Or maybe it was the fact that she was the third in the “Golden Trio”. Perhaps it was the fact that she had effectively cast the killing curse that took down Lucius Malfoy, wizards get edgy around witches who have been known to kill. Well dammit they had been at war, and its not like she had much of a choice! Still, one would think that she could get laid more often. It had been five years since the final battle. Harry was married to Ginny. They were on their third baby already for Merlin's sake! Ron was....well Ron was sewing his oats. Hermione didn't even know what his twit of the week was called. They all blended together for her at this point. The Boys, as she called them, had set her up with numerous blind dates. All of them ended in a firm handshake and no subsequent owls or fire calls. She purchased a good size parcel of land and built a small cottage on it shortly after the end of the war. There was no way she could have stayed in her parent's house, her childhood home. Their deaths had been gruesome, and no amount of scourgify would ever clean the walls effectively. She had been having tea with Remus, Professor Lupin as she had still called him then, when Tonks delivered the news. She didn't scream or cry when she absorbed what Tonks was telling her. She felt as if her heart had seized up, and it was then that the tea pot, cups, and saucers shattered. Even if her mind and body refused to respond to the horrific images Tonks was describing to her, Hermione's magic lashed out in furry and grief. Hermione did not forgive Tonks for being so crass with the notification of her parents demise. Not that it truly matters there is no one to forgive now, Tonks died on assignment a few months before the final battle. In her small cottage in an alcove in the kitchen she stood over a cauldron, muttering to herself.“You know they say that is the first sign of madness.” He is amused when she jumps slightly.“Remus! You frightened me! I nearly lost count in my stirring. Thirteen.” Stir to the right. “Fourteen.” Stir to the right “Fifteen.” Stir to the left. She puts the rod on the table next to the cauldron, extinguishes the flame, and turns to her friend. “You know better. I would hate to see a batch of wolfsbane become useless.” She frowns at him.“And I know your completely capable of tuning out an old wolf like me when there is a potion on the fire.” He grins at her. She grins back.“Well, the potion isn't ruined, and your just in time for dinner.” Remus sets the table while Hermione pulls a pot of stew out of the warmer and places them on the table. “ I hope you don't mind I got inspired and cooked early. This shouldn't be to heavy for tonights transformation. Oh, and before I forget there is fruit and whipped cream for dessert.” Sitting at the kitchen table with Hermione across from him they eat a modest dinner. Remus looks at her, and she can feel his eyes upon her. She looks up. “Did I ever tell you how grateful I am that you brew me that potion every month?” “Yes, and every month I tell you it is my pleasure, and to not worry about it.”“But I do worry about it, and I worry about you.” She can tell he is very sincere with his words, and smiles kindly at him. She wishes he would do other sincere things with his mouth. He has such a lovely well formed mouth, and.... She represses those thoughts from her mind. 'Its just because you haven't had any in awhile, thats why you are lusting after Remus. He has no interest in you that way. Besides why spoil a good friendship, I mean remember what happened with Ron.' Hermione chastised herself.“Thank you, Remus. You know I'm fine, and if this small thing I can do to make your life a little nicer then I'm more than happy to do it for you.” The clock chimes 8 pm and they turn to look at it then the window. Sunset. The time of Remus's curse will begin shortly. She gets up to check the potion, and it is perfect. It has cooled down naturally, and she won't have to use a cooling charm on it this time so he can drink it. She fills a goblet with the brew and hands it to Remus. He takes the potion and downs it in one long gulp. He grimaces.“Nasty stuff.”“I'm sorry I can't make it taste any better. Any additives would deter from its effectiveness.” She looks apologetically at him.“Can't have that now can we? I like the fact I get to keep my mind when I change now. Makes me feel human.”“Your always human.” They walk to the cellar of her home and Remus sighs. “If I'm always human why do I get locked up once a month?” His voice is bitter. She has no answer for him. “I'm sorry Hermione, I just wish I could make this go away. I've been doing it for so long.” He runs his hands through his hair in frustration. She leans over and kisses him on the cheek. His eyes widen slightly in surprise. “I wish I could make it go away too. For you, and all the others.” He nods his head and goes into the cellar, and she closes the door.
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