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As it happens - by an 80’s girlChapter 1She was a freshman at the Community College that was not too far from her apartment house. She had moved into this dump because the rent was cheap. But she had no idea when she moved in that this was a “Crack House”.She was from a middle class family that lived in the suburbs. She had talked to her family about going off to the “City” to go to College. They told her no at first because she had no means of support. Later they agreed when she proved to them that she had gotten an apartment and a job as a receptionist in an insurance company. It was easy to see why someone would hire her for a position like that. She was young and attractive and had a nice personality. Everyone in the apartment house approached her almost immediately but she quickly shunned everyone politely. Many of them retaliated by jeering her and calling her names like “Dumb Blonde” and such. Some of the others there that really didn’t care chose to see her as just being quite naïve.She was soon made to feel very unwelcome and alone there. Evidently this pissed her off because the third weekend after she moved in she set out to get back at those that were mocking her – especially the girls. She went into the parking lot where everyone hung out. She saw a guy talking and laughing with others. He appeared to be very popular and well respected. She had no idea what this guy was all about but she found him attractive and appealing. She walked up to him and introduced herself and asked him if he was alone. He looked around himself and then looked back at her kind of funny and asked her why. She told him because she thought that she might like to come over to his place and “Party”. He smiled and told her he that he would like that very much and she walked away with him smugly to his apartment. This proved to be a big mistake on her part.Everyone there was hooked pretty badly on crack - except the "Dealer", which of course made him the most sought after guy in the building. This guy had an unusual looking Pit Bull. He told everyone that he was a pure pedigree mix of Labrador/Pit and that was what made him look so masculine and pretty. He claimed he had him for "protection", but it turned out that he had "Butch" for other reasons as well.It was well know by his “strung-out” customers, girls & guys with girlfriends, that they could smoke the stuff all night if they (or the guys’ girlfriends) would have sex with Butch. It was also no secret that after their first time some of the girls would continue trading sex with Butch for drugs quite frequently.They listened to some music, had a few beers and talked for a while. Then he brought out some Pot and she got high with him. She had only smoked Pot a couple times before so she got really high really fast. She was in the giggling stage when he brought out a pipe and a baggie full of little white rocks. She knew what it was. She had been curious about what it was like so it took only a little coaxing for her to do some. It made her soar higher than she had ever been before.After a little while she started to feel the wonderful sensations that she was having begin to fade. He didn’t say anything to her the first few times that she asked for more. Then when she asked for the fifth or sixth time he said something like, “Sure, it’s your party”. At the time she was more interested in doing more of the Crack than what he had said. But after she finished that pipe and reflected on it, she asked him what he meant.She was stunned to hear that because she had come to him and asked him to “Party” that he expected her to pay for it. She quickly figured that he meant that he wanted to have sex with her. She did find him very appealing and the Crack had made her really hot so she decided to play his game and top off the night with some steamy sex and a long overdue orgasm.So she laughed and said that if he meant for her to pay him back with sex she would really like that too. He looked at her and asked her if she was sure. Before she could answer he told her that she did have a choice and her options were sex or $200. She laughed again and commented that he was expensive.He didn’t look amused. He told her that the beers and the Pot were free but she had done over $200 worth of Crack and asked her again what she wanted to do about it. She thought that he was taking this a little too far, but she still wanted to have sex with him. She was a little annoyed though and told him that she had no idea that he was going to charge her for anything. He laughed now and told her that she had been in the building long enough to know that he was a Crack dealer and that this was his business. Then he told that is was no big deal because a lot of the girls around there traded sex for it too. This hurt her a little and made her feel a bit common but she was very hot and her lusty feelings seemed to wash all of that right away. She tried to keep it light and not have the moment ruined, so she laughed again and told him that first off she didn’t have $200 but that didn’t matter anyway because she had already made up her mind to have sex with him.He quickly bellowed out, “With Who?…With Me!?…What kind of a game do you think you’re playing girl?!” She looked at him very confused and asked him, “If not with you…then with who?” It was then that she got the biggest shock of her life. He told her, “just like all of the other girls, with Butch”.After that initial jolt she thought that he had to be kidding, but he was looking at her with a very uncompromising stare. She told him that he had to be out of his mind and stood up from the couch determined to leave. He called out to Butch and gave him a command. Butch quickly leapt up from the cushion that he was lying on and stood in a fierce looking stance between her and the door.She became really scared and began to plead with him to let her go. She made a motion to take a step towards the door and he quickly warned her that if she took even one step towards the door that Butch would attack her and tear her apart. She felt trapped and started to really fear for her life.He told her to take off her clothes and she started to shake and began to cry. He promptly said “Shhh” in a very low relaxing tone. He then whispered to her that she must not show Butch that she was upset or especially scared. He continued to whisper to her and once again told her to take off her clothes. She now found herself obeying him almost impulsively. He continued whispering soft assurances to her while she disrobed. He told her that Butch was very clean and healthy and said that it was going to be okay. When she finally stepped out of her panties she realized that she was now standing naked before him and his dog. She saw looks of approval in his expressions and hoped that he would change his mind and want to have sex with her instead.He said that he was going into the other room to get some pillows and some towels. He told her to stay very still because with him out of the room Butch would attack her if she moved even one little bit. When he went off into the other room she saw Butch sit down out of the corner of her eye. She glanced over at him and immediately saw that his cock was beginning to come out of its sheath. She noticed that it was red and glistening as it continued to emerge. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of it and felt little twinges run through her as she watched it grow.She cursed all of the lusty feelings that were boiling up inside her. She tried to ward them off by telling herself that it was the drugs that were making her so damn hot right now. But the more she tried the worse it seemed to get. She breathed in sharply through her teeth as she felt her nipples stiffen up hard and then clenched her fists as the twinges ran down over her belly and tingled out her ass. This confused her even more and she started to think that if she had to have sex with that dog what the best way would be for her to get through it. She really didn’t want him to fuck her. She had to think of some way to get out of that. He came back into the room carrying two large pillows and some towels. He told her, in a very soft tone, that they were almost ready. She knew that she had to come up with something really fast. He looked over at Butch as he put the pillows on the floor and commanded him to “Stay”. He laid a large bath towel out on the floor. He picked up the pillows and put them down near the middle. He went across the room and got Butch’s large cushion. He placed it between the two pillows and then pushed the pillows up a little so that they were at the end of the cushion. He took the other towels and laid them out between the two pillows and then tucked one end of them under the cushion.He went over to her and said that Butch was very experienced and if she would just let go and get into it that he would make her cum really good. He took her by the arm and began to lead her towards the cushion. Her arm stretched out as she resisted. He tightened his grasp and told her, in a very supportive way, that he knew that this was her first time and said that he would help her so it was going to be okay.What he just said made an idea flash through her. Her mind raced as she tried to imagine it. Before she knew it she was at the cushion. He told her to kneel down. When she knelt on the cushion he told her not to kneel there but to put her knees on the pillows. He said that the cushion was there for Butch because he was short and that is where his hind legs would be.That didn’t register at first because she was still trying to envision her idea. She mindlessly slid off the cushion and put one knee at a time on each of the pillows. Once she did this she realized that it made her legs spread wide apart. She tried to think of ways to stall until she could figure out how to go about bringing off her idea. She asked him if she could have another hit on the pipe. He said that she could have some afterwards. Then in a soft but firm tone he told her to keep her arms and legs straight, lean forward and rest on her hands. This raised her ass up just above the cushion and then she understood what he meant about Butch using the cushion for his hind legs. She turned her head and looked at him from the corners of her eyes and saw that he was already holding Butch by the collar.She knew right then that it was now or never for her to try her idea. She told him steadfastly that she just couldn’t do this. It must have been the way she said it because he stopped Butch from getting up on the cushion. Still holding Butch by the collar, he leaned over and with some annoyance asked her why.She told him that she couldn’t because she was still a virgin and she couldn’t give that up to a dog. He blinked and looked into her eyes for a moment and then told her that if she couldn’t come up with the money that she just didn’t have any other choice. She told him that she would jerk Butch off. He abruptly told her that Butch didn’t like that. His eyes narrowed and he looked away. She held her breath and hoped that he would be the one that made the next suggestion because she wanted him to think that it was his idea, otherwise it might not work. She let out her breath when saw his facial expression change. He looked back at her and said what she wanted to hear. He told her that if she didn’t want Butch to fuck her that she would have to suck him off.She tried not to say anything for as long as she could. Then when she saw that he was about to look away she told him that she would. He hesitated and then told her that he wasn’t sure because Butch was very sensitive and if she didn’t do it just right that she could hurt him. When she told him that she would be careful he shook he head and told her that was not what he meant. She looked at him with some confusion and a little curiosity. He told her that the only way that he would let her suck Butch off was that if she would do it exactly the way that he would tell her to. When she nodded okay he took her through some of the basics like how to use her hands and her mouth, to never let her teeth touch his cock, how to give him slow rhythmic strokes at first and then get into his pace and respond to each stage of his excitement. He told her that the best way to please him would be to just simply get into it from start to finish. He told her that it was up to her to make him like it because if she didn’t he would pull away from her. Then with a touch of dark humor in his tone he told her that if Butch pulled away from her for any reason that she would be screwed, and then he added, literally. She got it but didn’t feel amused. But as before, she reasoned that this would be better than having that dog fuck her. She was just hoping that it would not be really awful and make her throw up. But now, the more he talked about it the more she sensed excitement swelling up in her. She felt her inhabitations of sucking on a dogs cock begin to melt away with each rising degree of stimulation. A wave of embarrassment ran through as feelings of anticipation and actual desire started to grow in her.When he saw her face flush he asked her if she understood everything that he had told her. She nodded without hesitation. He went on and told her that besides all of that, the most important thing that she had to know was that once she started she couldn’t stop until Butch was completely satisfied. When he saw that she understood what that meant he looked at her very sternly and reminded her that if she didn’t do it the way she had to then Butch was going to fuck her no matter what.So far she didn’t have any problems with all that he told her. She had sucked some cocks before and even let some of the guys cum in her mouth and then even swallowed it. That was always something that she really liked doing. She didn’t want him to know that for fear that then he may no longer consider it a good alternative to have Butch fucking her. She was still a little scared that Butch’s cock, or even worse his cum, would taste horrible and make her sick. But she was so turned on that she believed that she could get into it and maybe even like it regardless of how it all tasted.He touched her leg and told her to lift it up and roll over on her side. She took the pillow with her and put it back under her head. He told her to sit up and then turned to Butch and reinforced his command for him to “Stay”. He went over to the coffee table and then sat down next to her holding the pipe. He handed it to her and she took a long deep hit. He reloaded it and told her to get her fill because, as he had said, she had to stay on him and not even part her lips until he went completely soft.She took 2 more hits and felt herself soar up even higher than before. After the initial rush she realized that it had also made her hotter than she had been before. Her pussy had run wet and her clitoris had stiffened up and was throbbing hard. She was so hot that she thought if she took a hold of her clit just right that she would cum right then and there. That thought flashed out of her when she saw him leading Butch towards her.He walked Butch around her and had him lie down on the towel with his head between the 2 pillows. He began speaking softly and sweetly to him as he pet his head and rubbed his chest. He told her to give him her hand. He placed her hand on Butch’s chest along with his own and told her to look into his eyes very lovingly. He guided her hand across his chest the way he had been doing. He told her to continue to look at him and keep caressing his chest with gentle loving strokes. He stopped petting Butch’s head, removed his hand from hers and sat back a little. She continued to caress his chest as she was told to do and then she began to feel relieved when it seemed like Butch was accepting her touch. A feeling of near delight swept through her when he told her that he could tell that Butch liked her. He told her to start talking to Butch in a soft sultry tone and tell him what she wanted to do to him. When she told Butch that she wanted to make love to him she was directed to be more graphic and precise. She put her other hand on his chest, looked him right in the eyes and whispered that she wanted to suck his cock. Butch squirmed a little and began to pant and then she saw a sparkle in his eyes. That spark pierced into her and ignited some of her deepest desires.It was obvious that she had become highly excited and was firmly reminded to go slow. He had her break eye contact with Butch by telling her to look at him. He assured her that the lust that she was feeling was very good but for right now she had to calm down a little. She had been heaving and he made her maintain eye contact with him until her breath subsided. He directed her to take her hands off of his chest and look back at him. She saw that Butch still had brightness in his eyes. He appeared to be smiling at her. She smiled back and for the first time she saw him as beautiful. She was promptly told to lean back and rest on her elbow. She scooted around a little to get comfortable and then he directed her to lean over and gently put her cheek on his belly. She found it to be very smooth and warm. She was told to let the weight of her head slowly sink into him. Her excitement began to well up in her again as she felt Butch breathing deeply through the rises and falls of his belly. He asked her if she liked his scent. When she sighed out a near breathless yes he told her that was really good and then directed her to raise her head up and look at him again. He told it was very good that she liked his scent because, other than being somewhat snappy and a little salty, his scent was pretty much what his cum tasted like. He saw her eyes glaze over and her breath quicken. He told her to calm down. He reminded her again that she had to start off slow and that Butch would set the pace and she was to follow. He told her that if she lost control of herself and got ahead of him that he would pull away. He raised an eyebrow to once again remind her of what that would mean. She really and very seriously now didn’t want him to pull away. Not because of the threat of him fucking her but because now her lust had driven her to long for the treasures in his nuts. That desire had consumed her so thoroughly that it made her very determined to stay in control of her raging lust and hold off on letting it go until she knew that he was going to cum. When he saw her eyes clear up he told her to lean back over and kiss his belly. She closed her eyes and leaned down over Butch very slowly. She felt his belly ripple when her lips made contact and felt herself soar up really high again but this time it was with feelings of anticipation more than anything else. This made her realize that it was going to take every bit of strength that she had to get what she was now craving. He let her go on when he saw her continue to give Butch kiss after kiss. But then he stopped her when she that she had moved too close to his cock and saw her get startled when the tip touched her cheek. He told her to sit back up and then directed her to scoot herself down closer to his hind legs. She looked right at his cock. It now looked like it was fully erect. It was bigger than what she had thought it might be, but she knew that it would still fit very nicely in her mouth. When she saw that it was pointing at his chest she realized that it was his cock tip that had touched her. She shivered from the little thrills that ran through her when the feeling of that touch echoed on her cheek. She watched it rise and fall with his breathing like his belly did. He spoke softly to Butch and began to caress his chest again. And then almost without pause and not looking at her, he told her to wrap her fingers around his cock fur and then very gently make his cock stand straight up. She ogled his towering, glistening redness. The shaft looked firm and powerful and the head was plump and looked magnificently chiseled. When she caught herself in her thoughts she realized that his cock was much more appealing to her than she thought it would be. He continued to speak softly to Butch and, as before with little hesitation, directed her to take her other hand and grasp his cock shaft very carefully. It felt very warm in her hand and his wetness seem to quickly become a little sticky. She felt it throb strongly in her hand and was dying to feel him throb like that in her mouth. He told her to very gently tighten her grip, push down with her other hand and slowly pull up on his shaft. He saw her surprise when his twin globed knot popped out of his cock fur. He told her that was called his knot. He then directed her to relax her grip on his shaft. He told her to take her other hand off of his cock-fur and reach under his knot and grasp him there. He asked her if she could feel his heart beat under there. She nodded that she could. He then instructed her to begin squeezing him there to every few beats. She looked up at him when she noticed that his cock had begun to drool. He told her that meant that Butch liked it and for her to keep that pace as his beats got faster.He then directed her to lean over and put her mouth right above his cock. She was beside herself with excitement. When he saw this, he reminded her again to go slow at first. He then told her to open her mouth wide and lower her head slowly and then quickly instructed her to not to touch his cock with her mouth yet. When he saw that she was mid way down he then told her to close her mouth gently around his cock. Her heart started racing so fast that she thought that she might faint. His cock didn’t seem as warm in her mouth as it did in her hand but his throbbing was distinctively stronger. She realized that he was right about his cock tasting pretty much like his scent but the thin slickness that was running into her mouth seemed to have very little if no taste at all. He reminded her to keep squeezing him under his knot and then told her to go ahead and make love to his cock with her mouth and tongue. She felt the heat of her blood rush into her head and began to moan unconsciously as she lovingly stroked his cock with her mouth. She noticed that the watery slickness had continued to run out of his cock and begin the make her mouth washy. That made her start to miss the wonderful sensations of his warm stiffness sliding across the delicate membranes of her mouth and tongue. She felt his slickness coat her throat as she cleared her mouth to resume the thrills of close contact with his cock. She felt his heartbeat quicken and picked up the pace of her squeezing as she was instructed to. Her heart leapt as she felt a warm spray in the back of her mouth She thought that he was shooting his load. But she had taken it for granted that he would cum a lot harder than that. And then when she felt the same thing happen a few more times some of her excitement started to fade into near disappointment. She went on sucking his cock and clearing her mouth when she needed to and continued to enjoy the erotic feelings of making love to his warm throbbing hardness.She heard him groan softly and felt his heartbeat quicken some more. She felt her excitement rise back up and instinctively picked up the pace of her sucking and squeezing. Her heart raced again when she felt his warm slickness spatter stronger into the back of her mouth. He had spurt out considerably more than before and she swallowed it all right away. When she felt it slither down her throat she realized that is was a bit thicker as well. But then she wondered if she had tasted a little thread of saltiness in it or had just imagined that. She was delighted when she felt his excitement escalate more and started sucking him faster and squeezing more rapidly to keep up with his pace. She felt his cock throb very hard and when the sound of his sweet whine reached her ears she felt his warm juice splash strongly into the delicate tissues of her throat. This rushed her into a near state of frenzy and caused a wavering squeal to flare out her nostrils. She unconsciously swallowed repeatedly. Her mind began to clear after what seemed to be a long thrilling moment of sensual pleasure. She found herself sucking on him very rapidly. She knew that he had squirt out a lot more than the other times. She remembered that it was much warmer and thicker this time. There had been so much of it that it had filled up her mouth but she couldn’t recall swallowing it at all. She let out a throaty groan when she felt the lingering saltiness tingling on her tongue She twisted her head and mouth around on his cock with raging excitement. This caused his hind legs to shake vigorously made and him cry out in a long jagged wail. When she felt him swell up under his knot and his cock stiffen to marble she knew that he was on the ragged edge of his orgasm. Knowing he was going to cum she stopped sucking and quickly pressed his cock head firmly against the roof of her mouth. She spontaneously cried out as well and they seemed to be in sensual harmony for an instant. Her cries were quickly drown when a long hot stream streaked down her throat. Her mind flashed brilliant white and she soared up into what she now calls heaven. She imagined a finger was circling around in her vagina and knew if it touched her clit that she would explode into a magnificent orgasm. After a long enchanted moment the brilliance began to fade until it reached dusk and then sank slowly into the night. End of Chapter 1
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