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I can remember just when I was introduced to animal sex. We had been married for a few years and things were not too good We were living in a small cabin at the rear of a relatives property, they had a kelpie mixed breed dog that just loved to come inside and stay on the mat in front of the fire. On this particular night I had just had a shower and was stretched out on the couch with my feet way out in front of me, the dog, call him MUTT came and stood between my legs and put his head on my lap for a scratch, he did this a lot and had a habit of reaching up as far as he could, putting his head between my breasts if I would let him. I was scratching his head as usual and he pushed up for more attention, as usual. My nightie had slipped right over and was not covering me down there and I could feel his hot penis touching my pussy. I moved my hips a little to partly tease him but also to explore this wanton and forbidden feeling. To be honest it was making me excited and wet. I looked over to my husband to see what he was doing and would he see me doing this ? He was still at work on his latest project and didn't notice a thing. I moved my hips a little and I could feel his prick rubbing my cunt, it made me even wetter and excited, like I was at my first sexual experiences, and I moved a little more to feel his prick rubbing just in the entrance to my cunt. Suddenly he pushed up hard, he gripped me tightly around the waist with his paws and I felt his prick go up into me . I was so surprised by this and also that he had shoved all of his prick right up me and was going for his life. My legs shot out in front of me and I could feel his prick getting harder and deeper in to me. I gasped “He's fucking me, He's fucking me, oh my god he's fucking mmmeeee ”. My husband leapt up from the table and I could see that he was aroused by the sight of Mutt humping me as hard as he could go. I was all happening so fast and it felt so good as he madly pumped his prick into me, I could feel his prick getting larger and his knot forming and as it plunged in and out of my cunt. I could feel my pussy responding and my climax starting to build. I thought “To hell with what my husband felt about it, I am going to enjoy this as much as I can” I opened my legs wide and Mutt rammed himself so hard into me and I could feel his balls slapping my arse, which by now was dripping with his pre-cum, I was so wet all I could hear was squishy sounds as he madly pumped away, his wonderful prick was squirting me full of puppies I could feel his prick really knot up , it was getting too big to plunge into me and I grabbed Mutt around the bum and pulled him onto me . I gasped and my knees shot open wide as his huge knot plunged into me and filled all of my cunt to the very last bit. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever felt, it felt like it was going up my cervix it was so deep, I had a mind blowing climax as I took all of his wonderful cock deep into my cunt and I ground my hips down on him and closed my pussy around his fantastic knot and locked my heels behind him and into me, I could feel his beautiful hot cock pumping in me, I just so love it when I feel my husband cum into me that I usually climax and Mutt was cumming and cumming without stop. I was so full of little puppies it was dripping down my arse and onto the floor. I held him into me and as deep as I could me as he rubbed hard against my G spot, I climaxed again and again until I thought I would pass out with sheer bliss. I could vaguely hear my husband saying some thing to me and I felt him pull my gown off me and he leaned over and sucked on my breasts, it made me shiver all over and I arched my breasts up to him, He gently put his hand between Mutt and I and I could feel him explore Mutt's prick where it went up my cunt, he reached my clit and slowly rubbed it, I climaxed again .I was whimpering and grinding my cunt against his hand and Mutts beautiful cock. I knew that I had died and gone to heaven , and all the time Mutt was locked in me and pumping me full of his beautiful hot dog cum. Mutt wanted to move off me and struggled to get away, but he couldn't get away because he was knotted up in me, and I wasn't letting him go, so I closed my legs even tighter around him and held him deep in me. I reached out and slowly unzipped my husband's cock, it sprang out harder than ever and I took him into my mouth and sucked him off. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock grow to a huge size and he blew his load deep into my throat as I held him to me and madly sucked every last drop from him, I won't as a rule do this but I felt so aroused that all I wanted was to be f***** and to hell with do nice girls swallow cum . He moaned and pushed his cock deeply into my mouth and I enjoyed every bit of it.. It must have made a strange sight , the three of us all locked in a sexual embrace that I was the lucky one getting the ultimate from, little me who was so inhibited that I would not even kiss in public, was the sexual object to two males at once. I was loving it.
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