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When I was on summer break during college, I would frequently go spend a few days at my grandparents just to relax and generally do nothing. So there I was with a few days of nothing to do but hang out and do the things guys do in the country. Typically I'd help my grandma in her garden, fish, ride my bike, just hang out and relax. But damn, I was always horny. At that age my dick was hard most of my waking hours. It didn't take much to have me totally hard and thinking about the need to jack off. That afternoon my grandma had to run into town to the grocery and my grandad was working. I was alone and relieved that I could just jack off wherever instead of going down by the creek like i usually did. I loved cumming outdoors. My grandma had asked me to brush out the horses while she was gone so I gathered up the brush and the comb and went to the edge of the field where they usually hung out, near the water trough. I had always liked brushing them out. I liked the smell of them and the way they would sort of shimmy their flanks at times when I was brushing them. I don't know if i was just horny again or what but while brushing the mares rump I became aware of her pussy. I was missing my college g/f and was mainly getting through the summer jacking off to my dads porno mags and 8mm films. All of the women in those days had huge unshaven cunts but the mare of course had a beautiful, smooth, black pussy. I can remember looking towards the house even though I knew I was alone on the place before I sneaked my fingers under her tail and rubbed the perimeter of that soft silky skin. I was hard instantly. I sort of alternated between brushing her rump with the brush, and then turning my attention again to her pussy. She didn't seem to mind at all. I became more daring and began to dip my finger into the folds of her cunt, revealing for the first time the pink interior. That horse smell was more intense. I sniffed my fingers and I loved the smell. Like I had said, I was always jacking off to my dad's porno. I loved seeing the spread cunts and the big dicks, but my favorite and most desired act was eating pussy. I loved to see pictures of men eating those hairy bushed women in the magazines. Naturally, you can see where this is going. I kept alternating between brushing her and paying more attention to her dark pussy. She didn't like it when I tried to probe deeply with my fingers but was content with my rubbing around the exterior and just the very entrance of her hole. That smell was driving me crazy. I had to taste her. I got her tail out of the way an inched my face towards her cunt. As my face got closer the smell of her hole grew stronger. It was intoxicating.I continued to sort of massage her flanks and rump to soothe her as i went closer, my tongue ready to taste my first horse pussy. That first contact was electrifying. I'd never imagined that something could feel so good on my tongue. It was warm and so soft and once i got past the entrance, to the pink, the taste was amazing. I was jacking my dick and slowly sipping from her cunt. I soon forgot about my dick, and just held her rump with both my hands on either side of her, her tail up and over my head as I pressed my face firmly to that sweet tasting pussy. I kept trying to slide my finger into her and feel what it felt like to finger f*** her but she didn't like it so I just licked at her hole and went back to stroking my cock. It didn't take much stroking before I blew my cum all over her leg. It seemed like the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I watched my cum begin to liquefy on her hind leg and I sucked her pussy smell from my fingers. I was in heaven. I stuffed my dick back into my jeans and with my hand, I wiped up some of the cum from her leg and rubbed it around her cunt, pushing what I could into her pussy. I think I felt a little weird after the fact. When my grandma got back from town, I had a creepy feeling that she knew what I'd been up to, but of course it was just my imagination. I hadn't washed my hands since and I continued to sniff that sweet pussy off my fingers. Hard dick again.By the time we had finished dinner that night I was ready to get some more of that pussy on my face. I knew that my grandfather would be watching TV and that my grandmother would be busy for a long while cleaning up the kitchen and then working in her garden. I told them I was going to go down to the creek and fish a little. Of course I wasn't going fishing. My cock was busting at my pants it was so hard as I walked through the pasture and headed to the creek, making sure that the ponies saw me heading down there. There were some old apple trees near the creek and they both liked it if you would pick the young green apples off the trees for them, so they followed.The creek was below the house and down a big dip so once over the hill nothing I did could be seen from the house. I stripped down to my underwear when I got down there and soon both the ponies showed up expecting apples. I pulled a few from the branches as bait and put a small pile on the ground for them. I went back for some pussy. She was reluctant this time. I only got my fingers to her hole and a fresh whiff of her before she'd move her hind quarters out of my reach. She kept this up. Who ever said pussy was easy, right?For whatever reason my mind flashed back to the time I had seen the gelding drop his dick while taking a piss. I quickly forgot about the mare and moved my attention to him. I remember dropping down to my knees cause I wanted to get a close look at his dick. I 'd always gotten off on the big dicks in my dad's porno collection, jacking off to the cocks as much as the pussy.Again standing, I did like I had with the mare and began massaging his rump and hind quarters slowly moving my hand lower and lower until i was rubbing his smooth belly. He was very receptive and as i got closer and closer to his meat he showed no sign of discontent. Still standing, I slid my hand down further until it contacted the sheath of his dick, rubbing up and over it until my hand was cupping it gently. Still no negative reaction from him. Like the mares cunt, this skin was so soft and warm but with the added sensation of really having ahold of something. Even though it was so close to his body still, I liked the sensation of having a handfull of something so soft and warm. I massaged it very gently. I knew I was about to suck my first dick, the same day that I had tasted my first horse pussy.I looked up towards the house just to make sure my grandmother wasn't making a surprise visit, fishing rod in hand, then stepped out of my underwear and dropped slowly to my knees. This was my first time at kneeling before a huge dick, a practice I have since become addicted to. He remained calm, the mare having long since moved on. Just us guys now. I pressed my head firmly against his belly just in front of his leg and just took in the sight of his cock. He was a black pony and his sheath was jet black as well. I slowly moved my hand back to his package first exploring the area behind his sheath where his stallion balls had once been. There was still some loose skin there and I massaged it gently and gauged his reaction. He remained calm. I moved on to his dick, amazed at how similar it felt to when I rubbed my own soft dick and balls. I again cupped him in my palm and gently squeezed and massaged, what I imagined I would want done to my own dick and balls. I had to taste it too.I lowered my head from his flank and got positioned so that my mouth was below his sheath and went up on him. The warmth and softness filled my mouth, what wouldn't fit inside spread over my nose and chin and I again smelled that earthy, pissy scent of horse. I was timid. Scared of spooking him, scared of getting caught, and scared of getting hurt. But I had meat in my mouth and my dick was leaking like it never had. I began to use my tongue, blindly probing into the folds of his black horsecock. I nuzzled and nursed like a child at his mothers breast, or as I know know, like a born cocksucker at the altar of cock and cum. It was all so totally natural.The taste of his black folds was amazing and to this day when i'm really horny and reliving my equine experiences I can taste that taste. My mouth began to fill. My stud was getting hard too. I remember pulling off to see what was going on, both scared and incredibly aroused at what I was doing. As I pulled my mouth of his cock it grew visibly before my eyes, dropping out that first segment of dick maybe 7 inches or so. It was thick and soft. Just the texture of it visually amazing to me. I immediately put my mouth back onto it swallowing what i could of it. The taste was more intense. Tasting sweet like hay and stale piss, and sex. Both acrid and sweet on my tongue. It was here that I first learned what it means to have your throat stuffed with a fat cock, the sense of serenity. The sense that if I suffocate and die with this fat dong in my mouth, I will do so totally content.I pulled my mouth off his dong and went back to working on him with my hands. Jacking my own dick was totally beside the point. I somehow knew that this was all about the dick in front of me. The weight of his cock was so amazing. What I'd give today to just feel the weight of a huge horse dick in my hand or mouth again. I was like a kid in the candy store. I didn't know what I wanted first, all I knew was that I wanted it all. I wanted to suck him more, I wanted to just hold it, I wanted to jack on his huge cock.I went back to sucking on him, but this time I put just the first inch or two in my mouth and used my tounge on the gnarled tip. It was here, it seemed, that that incredible taste and odor was it's strongest. My own cock was so swollen, hard and red, leaking pre to the point that my belly was smeared with it, but still I was not jacking my own cock. It seemed that I had sucked what flavor I could off his dick so I went back to using my hands. I jacked it more like I would typically jack off my own. Long strokes, savoring it's weight and hardness in my hands. It was at this point that the other segment of his dick began to drop out. I was totally surprised. I thought what I had been sucking and jacking on was a dream, and now another 7-8 inches appeared. That morning I had been a horny, curious college guy. Now I was confronted with the fact that I was a born cocksucker and was on my knees facing about 15 inches of animal dick.This lower part was thinner and had a drier appearance, almost ugly, as was the tip of it. I admit that I hesitated to put it in my mouth but not much. I had to get as much as I could of it in my mouth. It was like I had already accepted the fact that I was a cocksucker. Like I had found my reason for living and it was dick.With the addition of another 8" of cock, it was now possible for me to pull his dick sideways and suck on it in a more comfortable position. I was in like a trance. Sucking, tasting, stroking, smelling this cock, only occasionally looking up towards the house hoping my secret was secure. He grew restless with this position and began to lose interest. I was just 18, but I knew that I could never make him cum. He was gelded. I guess my nerves got the better of me. The last thing I needed was to be found on my knees sucking dick, especially horse dick. I got dressed and he walked off to join the mare. Oddly enough I had no desire to cum by jacking off my own dick during or after this first of many encounters with him. It was like I was feeling totally fulfilled and content just having had my mouth stuffed with his succulent meat. That night in bed I relived the experiences of the day over and over in my head. I was honestly shocked at what I had done. Sucking dick was bad enough, but I had sucked a horses cock. Not to mention burying my face in the cunt of a horse. I was a freak. But I knew it wasn't gonna bother me enough to keep me from doing it again. As I fell asleep, I planned out the next day. That night, I had my first wet dream. I don't know what I was dreaming about, only waking up as I was cumming. I was freaked out about the cum all over me and the sheets, but I sort of though, "oh f*** it", and rubbed it into my skin fantasizing about rubbing Midnight's cum on me. I was hooked for sure.
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