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Tiffany's First TimeTiffany entered her house panting. Her after school runsalways left her somewhat drained and much in need of a shower. Shewent up to her room to undress and greeted her brother's large Germanshepherd who was sitting in the hallway. "Hi Max," she said. "You get left alone again today?" Tiffany had found a note downstairs from her mother tellingher that her parents would be out all evening. As she startedundressing, she noticed that Max had followed her in. Max had beenstaying in her room since her brother went away to college, andTiffany was used to undressing in front of him. As she was sitting on her bed completely naked, Tiffanydecided that this would be a good time to work off some of that extrasexual energy that had been building all day long. Her mother wasusually home all day, so she was used to relieving herself only atnight while in bed, but this time she did so while sitting on the bed. Her fingers started probing her inner depth. She then removedher moist finger and started massaging her emerging clitoris. Tiffanymoaned as she ground the palm of her hand over her privates. Her hipsstarted thrashing as she lay back on the bed and started reallygetting into it. She felt a brief pang of embarrassment as she noticedMax was sitting in the corner watching intently. Her attention wasquickly brought back to her impending orgasm as she was using one handto rub the area around her very sensitive clit and the other toalternately pinch her nipples and insert a finger into virgin body.Her pace picked up as she reached the point of no return, and shefound herself being stretched by two of her own fingers. All this time Max was watching with increasing curiosity. Thesmell in the air was starting to arouse him, and he wasn't sure whereit was coming from. As he was watching Tiffany writhe around on thebed, he started to realize that she was the source of his excitement.His large German shepherd penis slowly started to emerge from hissheath as he sat watching her. Tiffany could not believe her level of excitement or themagnitude of her orgasm. She moaned loudly as she stretched her virginlips wider then she ever had before. She had put a third finger in inthe throes of her sexual fury which pushed her over the edge towardsher orgasm. As it his her full force, she fell from the bed, semi-conscious. "Wow!" she said to herself. "That was incredible. Good thing Idid this before my shower, I'm a sticky mess." As she got onto her hands and knees to pick herself up, shefelt Max sniffing her behind. "No! Get away, Max!", she cried as hiscold nose bumped her glowing womanhood. She pushed him away, but assoon as she turned back to get up, his tongue lashed out for a directhis on her clit. "Gaaa... !" she said as this took her legs out from under her.She sat in disbelief of how wonderful it felt. As Max's tongue workedits way into her, she realized what was happening and pushed him awayagain while she reached over the bed for her towel. "What the... ? No, Max, get off!", Tiffany yelled as she felthis body press hers into the mattress of the bed. He had seen herkneeling on the floor and decided to take some action. It took amoment for Tiffany to realize what he was doing, but she was unable tomove to get away from him as he pinned her from above. His 90 poundbody was too much for her to lift even as she realized that his cockwas poking around her nether regions as he tried to penetrate her. "Max! NO! Bad dog!", she screamed at him in an effort to gethim to stop, but he was too intent on the female in heat beneath him.She went rigid as his doggy cock found its way to her dripping hole.It was still wet from when she had fingered herself, and that made itmuch easier for Max. Tiffany whimpered as the first trust of hislarger than human prick broke through her maidenhood. His secondthrust went in farther as she was stretched as she never had beenbefore. As she lay helpless, pinned beneath the dog, she felt himgoing faster and deeper with each trust. Tiffany could feel his drooldripping onto her back as he worked himself into a fevered pitchviolating the young and helpless girl with the bestial act. Thestimulation was incredible, and Tiffany found her body responding tothe dog, against her will. "Oh... shit, Max," she said. Max was pounding her newlydeflowered body faster that she thought possible, and she was alsogetting really excited despite her revulsion of what the animal wasdoing to her. She moved her hands behind herself and felt Max's dickas it pounded in and out. She couldn't believe that something thatimmense was actually going into her little body. She was even moresurprised to find that the only thing preventing it from going deeperwas the knot at the base of his penis. Getting turned on, she tried toopen her legs more and stretch her lips apart to see is she could getthe base of his cock in as well. Each thrust pushed the knot in a little further, pushing hercloser to the edge of a major orgasm. Max must have liked the extrastimulation as well, because he started making mini-growls with eachmassive thrust. Even as she was entering the orgasm, she knew that theknot was too large and would not go all the way in. As the full forceof the orgasm hit her, she pushed back one last time, trying to gethis dick in as deep as she could. Unfortunately, it was at the sametime as Max started cumming. He also pushed in, hard. Tiffany nearly screamed as his knot was forced all the way in.This just made Max push harder with the added tightness around hisprick. Max used this extra stimulation to pump a very full load ofdoggy come into his bitch. He pushed his dick and knot as far as hecould as he came with a strange growl. Tiffany could feel the spurtsof hot cum as they hit her innermost parts. Tiffany, couldn't move away from the painful penetration, butshe did realize that it was over, and tried to get him off. He wouldhave none of that as his bestial urge to impregnate her made himcontinue pushing to keep his knot within her. She suddenly realizedthat the knot, which was very large to begin with, was growing muchlarger, pushing his dick deeper. She recalled that this was how themale dog "tied" to the female after mating so that the sperm would notleak out. This stimulation gave her one more orgasmic jolt before sherealized that not only was she trapped beneath him, but he wasbecoming trapped within her. She tried to get him to back off, but thegrowing knot was pulling itself deeper into her cunt as the inside ofher vaginal cavity was larger than the opening. She knew that the knotjust barely fit into her in the first place, and that was forced inpainfully, so he was probably stuck until it went back down to thatsize again. However, the knot was becoming so large that it was verypainful, even thought it was on the inside of her vaginal cavity. Notonly did the knot feel to be about the size of a tennis ball, whichshe could never have fit through her opening, but it was also pushinghis cock against her womb with far too much pressure. Max decided that this was enough, and tried to get off. Hemanaged to get his body off of hers, but could not move away as he waslocked firmly inside of her. When Max got off, she felt his cocktrying to pull out which increased the pain. As Tiffany lay therewhimpering in pain, she realized that she looked and sounded much likethe female dogs that she had seen Max fuck. She tried to get up to seeif she could do something about him, but the tugging on Max's penismade the knot get even bigger, and she lay back down in pain. As she waited for him to shrink enough to get out, sherealized that despite the pain, this had been the most sexuallyexiting time she had ever had. Max had not acted maliciously, but outof animal instinct. She decided that she could not tell anyone aboutthis, or even punish Max herself. She might even allow him to "force"her another time, but without the "tie". As she sat there waiting,wondering why she could not feel him getting any smaller, she recalledwith a sinking sensation that the times she saw Max tied to a femaledog, he usually stayed that way for half an hour.
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