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A short time had passed since our "milk break" and we had had time to get ourselves washed up. Jody said she was going back over to the house to get some lunch made up to take along for the ride. She said that we should find a couple of small plastic bottles,in the medicine cubboard in the tack room. I want you to warm them up under the tap and then go out and "milk" a mare,as we'll need something to put in the coffee later. Gary called back to her,"cream or skimmed?",as we all laughed. While Gary found a mare to milk,I got the bottles ready and then joined him and we got enough to fill both bottles. We cleaned the mare up and took the milk into the house and Jody put the one bottle in the fridge and then poured the other into the blender. She then added a bit of water and some regular milk and then turned the blender on. We all worked at making some sandwiches and finding some other snacks to take along for our ride. Jody had a set of saddle bags which upon finishing we put the food iin. Jody asked me to go and get some towels and the sun screen and of course do'nt forget your "cowboy hats. After getting everything ready,we packed it all down to the barn and Jody said,well pick a horse and get them ready. Both Gary and I found our mounts,I got a nice Q.H. gelding and Gary a nice Arab mare. Then Jody came around the corner with her mount in tow. He was a beautiful 15.2 hh.,black Morgan stallion. Jody said,well guys,I want to introduce you to the love of my life,"Darth Valliant",I just call him "D" for short. We both went over to inspect the stallion,to also see what he had between his legs too. As we approached D's ears went up and I could see that he was giving us a good look over. Jody then said to him,It's ok D,and he seemed to "mellow out". Jody said to us,rub your hands on me,then on yourselves. Then let D take a sniff. So we did and after D had given us the "once over,he accepted us. Jody told us that she had bred his dam to a wonderful stallion and D was the result. Jody had raise and trained D,so he had a very tight bond with her. Jody chuckled,saying,D seems to consider me as one of his mares. I can do anything with him and he loves it.,about as much as I do. We got the horses ready and threw on the sheep skins,along with the saddle bags,then climbed on and Jody led the way. Jody had a couple of the dogs come along,while she had left the rest in the kennel area. Jody said she always took a couple of the dogs along on the ride,just in case. It was a great feeling to be riding along completly "all natural",knowing that you did not have to be concerned about someone "comeing out of the blue" and disturbing your ride. Jody told us that the property she had was over 700 acres and that there was some 25,000 acres of wilderness land on two sides and another 15,000 acres of parkland on the third side. The only access into the area was through her place,but because her family had many years prior made arrangements with the goverment,the only permitted acess was held by her family. This ment we could ride as far as we wanted and never see anybodyelse without concern. Jody led us up a trail that wond it's way into the hills. We made our way throug a narrow gorge and finnaly reached the top of a plateau that provided a splende view of almost the eniter area. Jody siad she loved coming up here because of the view. We could look down and in the distance see the farm and the road leading into the area. In the other direction was forest and open plains that seemed to strecth forever. Jody then said,well lets move on,as I'm getting hungry. W e got back up on the horses and Jody took us towards what looked like a wall of granit. As we got close,she said,I found a special spot that you are going to really like. All of sudden an opening appeared in the rock and we made our way through the gap. Upon exiting it,we were surprised to find a large open field of lush grass and we could hear water flowing and as we got closer off to one side we spotted a small waterfall coming down out of the rock and then Jody pointed out the small pond too. The walls of the plateau made a perfect enclosed circle. The area was some 10 acers in size,the pond taking up about a 3rd. of the space. This was were the stream that ran through the farm came from. Jody had a gate across the only enternce to the site and once it was closed the horses could'nt get out. So we got the sheepskins and saddlebags off them and let them roam free. After finding a nice spot next to the pond,we got the food out and Jody poured the coffee. Of coures we had to have some "milk" in the coffe too Jody said that she had found this spot many years ago,when out riding her first horse. Since then she has only brought a couple other people there. However,she had brought every horse and dog she owned up to it and had enjoyed having some wonderful sex with each of them in the lush grass or the cool water. After resting for a while,Jody got up and called to D,get over here big guy. I looked over my shoulder and saw D some distance away. His head went up and after she called again,D came across the field at a fast trott. Jody took the sheep skin and hung it across his shoulders.then got her arms around his neck and as he lifted her up she got he feet into the sturips and moved into his chest as tight as she could. We both watched,in facination,as D loweed his hea across her back and as his nose reached her lowerback,out came his tounge. His tounge went down and gave her an "bum wipe". Jody then told him "up"and got him to move forward,whike she hung on him. They moved over to a spot that had two poles and a cross bar. Hanging down were a couple straps. We watched as Jody got D into postion and with one hand reached back and took hold of the one strap,getting her hand through the loop and then carefully leaaned back and did the same with the other hand. Jody raised herself up slightly and then told D to "back up". He took a step back and stopped. Again,we watched,as D now with his nose between her legs brought out the tounge and this time I saw him pushing the tip of it into her. Jody braced herself and pushed hard as his huge tounge wen in. Just as thought she was going to losse it,she told D,"down".and he pulled out and Jody relaxed. She then said to D, "wash" and without hestitation,D's nose came up and again his tounge came out and he licked he from the neck down. After he had finished,Jody told him "forward"and he moved forward a step or so. She pushed up a bit and got her hands out of the straps and then as she held onto them ,got her feet out of the sturips. D then stepped forward and to one side which allowed Jody to swing onto D's back. Jody then streched out on D's back,facing his rear. She then reached under his tail and started to get her fingers into his butt. As she pushed her hand in deeper,his cock started to come down and was getting hard. After pulling her hand out from D's butt,she wiped it on her stomach and between her legs. Jody then slid off D. and reached under him and took a hold of his cock,masterbating him. . Jody called over and said,theres a jar of honey in the one bag,can you give it to me please?. So I got it out and brought it over to her. She said,thanks,can you work him some more while I spread this? I aid sure. I took a hold of his huge cock and started to run my hand all over it. I watched as Jody took a handful of honey and spread it onto D's huge balls and then down his cock. Jody then told me to let his cock go and asked if I wanted to help her in licking his balls? I asked if D would mind and Jody said,heck no,he loves it, most times I get one of the dogs in here and they do a great job. Jody called Gary over as well and told him to grab the stool. Jody then said to Gary,well I ussually use a strap on,get up and give D some rear action,he loves it. It did'nt take Gary long before he was finding a new "porthole" Jody and I continued to lick D's huge balls and cock I watched as Jody opened her mouth wide and took hold of as much of one of his balls as she could and just sucked on it and motioned to me to do the same,so I did. Talk about a "taste sensatio",nothing like honey covered nuts I let go as Gary had finished and wanted to enjoy some honey nuts as well. O moved around behind D and without trouble got my cock up into his butt nicely and enjoyed myself. As I was busy pounding D's butt,Jody had had her "honeynut"fill and had taken a hold of D's cock and started to get the tip shoving up into her butt. Before she did this,She had placed the sheepskin on D's back and replaced the sturips with padded leather straps. Jody took a hold of the one strap and then placed D's cock between her legs and reached over and took hold of the other strap. I had finished,so came around beside Jody. She had trained D well,as she had a second set of straps hanging down that her feet were in. D's cock was nice and hard now and watched as Jody kept pushing against him. I took another handful of honey and wiped it on his balls and just had to have some more "honeynut". I happened to lookaround,as I heard Jody give D the command "drop it". I watched as D pulled free of Jody's butt and he raised it slightly. As he did,he fired of a load of cum and it covered her. Before I knew it,Gary was on D's dripping cock and was sucking on it. Jody looked back at me and said,well you gona clean up the cum before the dogs do? As she hung there I got up inbetween her legs and started licking her and as the cum dripped down her cheecks and between her legs I worked at it. Gary let D's cock go and immediatly turned around and got his tounge up into Jodys butt,as I continued to do her checks and lowerback. I rubbed my hand across her back,pushing the remaining cum down onto her cheeks and drip downher butt. What cum I got on my hands I wiped between my legs and on my butt. I tdid'nt take long for the dogs to join in and what we left on Jody,they cleaned up,including both Gary and I. Jody continued to hang under D,as the dogs went at her. The one dog got between her legs and jumped up with his paws on her cheeks and lwas licking a way. The other,clearly, seemed to be keen on giving D's cock and blls a good cleaning. I went over and moved the stool under D and when I did the dog got onit and was doing a real good job. Jody got herself down from her "swing" and asked,how'd you like him? We both said he was "delious". Jody then said,well lets go for a swim and clean off before having our snacks,we said sure. Jody got the stuff off D and let him go. We then made our way down to the water where we went in for a nice cool swim. The dogs joined us. Jody then said,well after we have somerhing to eat and rest,guess you guys are going to have to give your horses a"pounding" I asked Jody,hows the gelding about this? She said,he loves it. I use a "strap on'and do all the mares,geldings and D almost daily. You got to remember,other than a couple of the horse,I raised them all. I was licking,sucking and mounting them all from the day they were born. To them it's natural for me or anyone I let know,to share in "love making". Thats why they are so bonded to me. The same goes for the dogs. I found the right male to mate with my bitch and when she had the pups,I was right there with her. Upon giving birth,I helped her. I layed with her and as the pups came out I would help her lick them clean. The two that are with us,I nursed. Both of them came to me as pups and I lay on my back and put them both on me and with no time they were both licking and sucking on my teets. They'd wander back to thier mother when finished. As the y got older I continued to allow them to suck on me. I in turn licked and sucked on their balls and cocks. When they were old enough,I let them lick my butt and cunt as often as they wanted. When "Charlie"matured,it was great. I had been playing with him,teaching him how to mount and when not to. I woke up one morning and found Charlie laying on top of me and I felt his cock poking me. I reached down and felt that it was getting hard and when I felt up a little further I could feel his balls. Well,it was time for Charlie to provide me with what he had. I moved him off me and got down on the floor on all fours. Charlie knew what this ment and unlike the pratice sesions,this time he was going to be doing the real thing. He was up on me in no time flat and when I reached back and positioned his cock,he was in. He was on me for almost an hour. After he pulled free I turned around and immediatly started to lick his cock and balls I got ahold of his one ball a started to suck on it,as his cum kept pouring out of my butt onto the floor. I then moved over and worked on his other ball. I then licked down his cock and took as much of in my mouth as I could and satrted to suck. When I finished Charlie got his nose in my butt and cleaned everything out. Since then,he has'nt left me. He's a great "lover". I've got him trained to mount me from the front as well. Thats what we did last night. He knows when I want it anwhen I do'nt. I'll tell him to come over,then give the command"mount". He's very good at it know. He'll stand over me and when I see his cock coming down,I reach down and position it into my cunt. I wrap my legs around him and he starts pounding me. Charlie will mount anybody I tell him to. If he wanders into your bedtroom and you want it,give him the command and he'll be on you. We got our snack foods out and sat down and relaxed and rested for a be continued
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