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this is a story a friend of mine gave me, he said it happened; I know him & his wife & their dog it is likely true. There are more parts than thhis will post them if requested Jerry And Rhonda Our First Dog It all started on a Saturday night, Rhonnie and I were snuggling on the living room carpet. A nice fire in the fireplace, a twelve pack of Ice and a couple of joints. After wehad drank most of the ice and smoked a joint: we started playing around. She started sucking on my nipple while I played with her pussy. She must have had the night planned as she pulled a bag of sex toys out from under a cushion. She pulled out her 2 favorite toys, a 10inch multi speed vibrator that has a 2 ½ inch bulge at the end of it and her monster dick, its 16 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. She also has a mini vibrator that she uses on me. We played with each other and slowly work our way into the 69 position with me on top. She stuffed my 9 inch dick into her mouth and worked her way down to my balls, sucking and licking as she went. After some of this she slowly sucked my balls into her mouth, rolling them around with her tongue. Then she played on the under side of my straining cock like it was a harmonica. This drives me crazy. I started by sucking and nibbling on her tits and nipples, and slowly worked my way to her belly button, which I tongued thoroughly. Then I moved down to her bald pussy and spread her luscious lips and plunged my tongue as deep into her fragrant pussy. I licked and sucked on her clit for a good while, which got her going like crazyon my hard-on. After this I turned on the vibrator on low and started circling her clit. She arched her back as it neared her simmering hole, slowly I pushed in as I resumed licking her clit. I slowly turned up the speed of the vibrator as I plunged it deeper and deeper, she began groaning and grunting, I started to move it in and out faster and faster. Rhonnie started sucking my dick in and out of her hot mouth faster and faster, rubbing her teeth over the purple head of my dick, driving me closer and closer to orgasm as she neared her’s. I turned the vibrator up as fast as it would go rammed it in and out as fast, hard and deep as I could. She let out a scream around my dick shaft, then she sucked my whole dick; to the base down her quivering throat, she reached up and grabbed my cum loaded balls and squeezed them off and on till I felt them rumble. We had simultaneous orgasms. I shot a hot load of cum down her waiting throat as she gushed pussy juice out her pussy and all over my face and beard. She sucked every last drop from my dick as I lapped up the pussy juice that kept gushing out of her pussy. We slowed down for a while; but kept playing with each other. She reached for the small vibrator and turned it on then stuck it in her mouth, she got it covered with saliva and my cum, then she started to work it in to my tight asshole. She worked in and out slowly at first and then faster and deeper and started sucking my cock in the same rhythm as she moved the vibrator. I replaced the vibrator that I had been using with her favorite big dildo and slowly started working the large head of the monstrous 16” pussy wrecker into her pussy. Slowly working it in and out. I slowly inched it deeper and deeper into her pussy until about 7” of it was embedded into her sopping wet cunt. I worked it in and out of her pussy at the same rhythm that she was giving me head and pushing the vibrator in and out of my ass. She started to speed up the pace on me, my dick sliding in and out of her mouth, taking deep down her throat. She worked the vibrator in and out of my asshole faster and deeper. As my dick got rock hard again, she pulled it out of her mouth and screamed out loud to put the dildo in deeper and harder. I started pushing it in for all I was worth. She went back to sucking my dick with the ferociousness of a lioness, she swirled around in her mouth and suck til I thought my balls were coming out. I picked up the speed that I worked the dildo in and out, and pushed it deeper and deeper with every thrust. It slowly sank deeper and deeper into her pussy until only the rubber balls and about 2” stuck out. I started working it in and out, lengthening the stroke with every of the dildo until when I pulled it out the head would spread her outer pussy lips then ram it in almost to the balls. She thrashed around on the floor under me like a wild woman, trying to suck my balls into her mouth along with my dick but her mouth wasn’t big enough for all at the same time. As she neared another orgasm I put the dildo to her as fast as I could, while licking her clit as much as I could, her pussy lips were distend and stretch to translucency and her clit stuck out like a miniature dick. After her body had been racked by multiple orgasms I rolled off from the 69 position, leaving the dildo in her pussy until I got into position then pulling it out, I pulled her legs over my shoulders and rammed cock into her sopping wet pussy in one thrust, her pussy was still lose from the the monster dildo, but her muscle tone slowly brought it back to normal size, then she started clamping down on my thrusting dick, she used her pelvic muscles to milk my dick. I thought I would explode at any time but held on till she started to cum. As we matched each others thrust she screamed and bit my neck as she came. I plowed my big red cock in till my balls rested in her ass crack, the cum in my balls erupted out of my dick into her waiting cunt. My cum felt so hot I thought it would burn her, it just kept pumping out. When we finely stopped Cumming I pulled my shrinking dick out of her hot pussy leaving a trail of cum up to her belly button. After we caught our breaths we put another dirty movie in the vcr and cuddled up with a cold beer and smoked another joint and kicked back and relaxed. About this time our dog Randy started to bark, wanting to come in from outside. I threw on a robe and went to the door and let him in. He came in and immediately ran to Rhonda and licked her face a couple of times. Then he went to the dining room and ate some food and drank some water. After this he laid down in his bed and licked himself. I went back to the living room and laid back on the floor with Rhonda, we finished the joint we were smoking and watched the movie we had on. After about 20 minutes we started playing around again. She started sucking on one of my nipples and stroking my dick. She was totally engrossed in what she was doing and so was I, I started playing her left tit as she started working her way down my stomach, she plunged her hot tongue into my belly button for what seemed like eternity. She then moved down to my swiftly rising dick. She lapped up the little drops of precum that had started to ooze out of the tip of my dick, trying to get her tongue into the hole that it came from. Slowly she got into a rhythm stroking my dick and sucking my balls, rolling them around in her mouth and then she would suck on my dick; it felt almost like a hot vacuum cleaner was hooked to the end of it. This went on for quiet a while back and forth, meanwhile I would play with her sopping wet pussy when I could get to it but she was getting off on the head job she was giving me. I felt a rise in my nuts as they tightened up and got ready to shoot, she d went down real hard and sucked down to the base as I started to come. I shot another load down her throat as she swallowed time and again. After I had shot she kept on sucking trying to get it hard again quickly. She was totally lost in what she was doing like a sex starved slut. Myself I was so weak I couldn’t move, so I laid there and enjoyed it with my eyes closed. Suddenly she let out a funny yelp and I open my eyes and there was Randy with his tongue deeply buried in her pussy, it looked like he was digging for gold but really it was the pussy juice that he was after. Since she only missed one stroke on my dick and she wasn’t complaining I just laid there and enjoyed the scene. My lovely wife sucking my like there was no tomorrow, our dog (about 120lbs. Of shorthaired German Sheppard) Lapping her pussy like all hell and me getting the best blow job I ever had. I watch as the dog buried his snout in her pussy and then he would pull out a little and lick her from the bottom of her ass crack to the top of her pussy, you could see her clit quiver as that long tongue went over it. I should tell you that we had never done anything like this before but we were stoned out of are heads and just a little bit drunk. We had seen some of the videos on the net and talked about doing something like this, but I never dreamed it would happen. The dog has never been our bedroom before at night so maybe that’s why he never tried before. Back to the action that was going on. She was moaning around the shaft of my dick as the dog kept licking her pussy, I’ve never seen tongue move so fast, he lapped and lapped with no let up. I could see and feel it as my dick started to cum as never before. She actually started twitching and to have spasms, I thought she was going to bite my now hard cock off but eased off of it and laid there with her legs spread as the dog ate at the Y. She moaned and shuddered to the beat of the dogs tongue, her face was all twisted with extreme wanton lust. By now the dog is starting to get aroused, the red tip of his dick is showing out of it’s sheath and the start of a humping motion from his rear hips. There were drops of precum on the end of his cock, slowly making a wet spot on the carpet. Her eyes were locked on the end of his dick, she didn’t seem to notice anything else in the room now. The dog just burrowed in with is tongue and snout, every once in awhile she would let out a yipping sound over her moaning as her swollen lips were nipped by the dogs eager teeth. Her lust glazed eyes fixed on the red doggy dick that had started to protrude from it’s sheath, she put her one hand on his head while she played with my raging hard on. As her lust grew she started to rub the dogs belly slowly working her hand towards his dick. Her hips were rotating in quick small circles and ass was bouncing up and down on the floor. You could see her cum running down her ass cheeks faster than the dog could lick it up. She finally put her hand on the dogs dick which cause his hips to hunch forward as she circled his dick with her fist. She start to roll over onto her stomach, the dog kept his tongue buried in her pussy, as she rolled over she rose up on hands and knees. She kept her hold on the dog’s dick, which was protruding further from his belly. It had gotten longer and redder as she played with it. Randy’s dick was dribbling precum all over; Rhonda as if in a trance moved to get a better view of the dogs dick moved closer and under his belly. His dick was at least 7” long by now with a small knot forming at it’s base. Meanwhile her gaping pussy was unattended I moved into place and shoved my dick into her wet sloppy pussy and pounded it till I came. I didn’t last long as I was watching her lick the dogs shaft and curling her tongue in his precum. She even put the tip into her mouth and sucked on it, but only about a 1” into her mouth. I was so hot that I started urging her on. As I pulled out of her pussy some cum dribbled out of her open gash. I moved over and watched her from the side. She was totally lost in a sexual frenzy, she let the dogs dick lose and he promptly moved his head back to her crouch and started licking up her’s and my cum that was oozing out now in large drops. He licked her swollen lips and her clit. His long tongue would swipe from her asshole to her clit and then he would shove his nose up her cunt. This constant stimulation after all the earlier fucking got her to thrust he hips back and forth and to rotating her hips. The only sounds that she made were long moans of pleasure and occasionally plea’s to lick deeper and faster, which the dog seemed to understand as he shoved his snout deeper and lick more often. After maybe 10 minutes of this he pulled away from this he pulled away and paced around as if not knowing what to do. At this my sex crazed wife scream at him “Randy do something eat me fuck me do something!!!!”, Her voice was shriller than any thing I had ever hear from her, she was totally out of it, she wanted fuck so bad. I had never seen her pussy lips so swollen or dark red. Randy paced back and forth behind her, then he started licking her crack again.He attacked her wet dripping pussy with a tongue lashing that made slurping sounds, her ass was weaving and bobbing like a bitch in heat. Randy suddenly stopped licking and just looked at her saliva and cum covered cunt, she moan out loud with a whiny pleading voice please do something please. As if in full understanding the dog rose up on his hind paws and lunged forward onto her bare back. His red gnarly dick was out about 6” and had a small knot forming, he was thrusting all over the place but wasn’t hitting home, his precum was dribbling out all over, she kept pleading for release she just wanted some dick any dick but she wanted now! Randy had missed her hot hole 5 or 6 times, so I moved over to lend a hand but Rhonda had reached back between her legs and grabbed his dick and started it between the lips of her pussy; as he felt the heat of her pussy he rammed forward and half of his dick plunged into her waiting cunt, as he entered he tightened the grip around her waist of his front paws. He pulled back and almost came out but then he plunged in a little further she moaned and carried on like she was insane as he picked up his pace faster and faster. She clamped down as her first dog fuck orgasm hit her, there was no turning back now she was in a sexual coma her whole body was jerking and twisting about, she was drooling spit onto the carpet and raising holy hell. Randy who hadn’t got into the groove yet was still speeding up, each stroke was longer and somehow faster. I got down onto floor to get a birds eye view of what was happening. I was surprised to see that the dogs dick appeared to bee at least 11” long and 2” in diameter/ His knot was as big as a tangerine about the same size as her favorite dildo. The knot was just getting lubed enough from his precum and her juices to start sliding in. At this he started to speed up some more, she screamed out more god give me more! She started shuttering again and had another orgasm there was doggie juice and her cum flying everywhere, by now the knot was going most of the way in and back almost to the tip of his dick. I have heard that a dog and woman could wind up tied together so told her that I was going to stop him before he got all the way in. She screamed at me that she wanted it all and if I stopped it now she’d [CENSOR] me because it felt out of this world and to emphasize this she had another orgasm. As I laid there watching the knot seemed to be getting larger than it was, her pussy lips were stretched so taunt they were almost translucent. As I watched the knot went in all the way and disappeared only to reappear with popping sound, he pounded her pussy in and out with that knot for a good 4 minutes faster and faster, he was whimpering now and shaking. Then as I watched the knot now looked like a orange, he let out a howl and lunge forward his knot disappeared into her cavernous cunt but this time it didn’t come back out, she let out a blood curdling scream I thought he had hurt her but she said it was pure pleasure and that she was having a continuous orgasm. Randy was now fucking her like a jack hammer, his ball were bouncing off of her clit the knot no longer coming out of cunt. There was a constant flow of juice coming out around his big red shaft, when he pulled back you could just see the back of the knot, it looked like it was still growing, her face was red as a beet she was sweating profusely and her nipples were hard and distended, they also had grown darker in color as the sexual flush spread across her body. He started to give her a series of short hard sharp fast strokes, he was whimpering the whole time, then he howled and gave hardest and deepest thrust so far. You could see his balls tighten up they looked bigger than golf balls, his ass and cock was jerking so I knew he was getting his nut. There was little leakage at their union now. She shuddered and laid there trembling barely able to talk, but she said it feels so good, like there’s a grapefruit in there. After awhile he started pump into her again but not as frantic this time, I thought she had passed out but as soon as he moved a few strokes she started moaning and shuddering again. By now I had another raging hard on my self so I moved around in front of her. As soon as she saw my dick she grabbed it and stuffed it into her mouth and started sucking it. She soon looked like a human ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between me and the dog. I couldn’t match his speed but got off with a blast in minutes. I pulled my wilting dick out of her mouth and laid down again to watch and see what else would happening. Randy was still humping her pussy but not as energetic as before but enough to get her off another time. After a while he got off of her and turned around and they were butt to butt, he pulled a little but did not come out of her but she started moaning as he tugged and she came again. after ten minutes of this and her having orgasm after orgasm he finally pulled out of her with a popping sound and a whoosh of doggie cum and woman cum. Rhonda’s pussy lips were swollen and puffy her pussy hole all agape and stringy dog cum oozed out and dripped wish I had a camera we both would have liked that shot. It looked like a truck had plowed into her cunt and dropped a load. Randy laid down and was licking himself clean. Rhonda just collapsed in a pile on the rug saying she would like some more fucking. I was willing but my dick wasn’t so she just laid there rubbing her pussy. I must have dozed off because the next thing that I knew I heard this moaning next to me and I opened my eye and there was Rhonda with randy just lapping away at her cunt. The lips of her pussy were engorged and puffy, they were so red that they were almost purple. As I laid there she rolled over onto her knees and patted her ass, Randy need no second invitation he reared up and landed right on her back, unlike the first time she knew what to do. He was thrusting and missing her pussy. As I lay there looking I could see that her cunt was dripping wet, she reached back and guided his dick to her crack, she missed the first time and he almost got it in her asshole but she pulled it into the proper position and he rammed it deep into her cunt, he went in so fast and hard this time that she screamed, in pain or lust I don’t know. But I wasn’t going to interfere as the look on her face was demonic and lusty. Unlike the first time he quickly got his knot up and it looked bigger than the first time, she was already having orgasms from this second onslaught once his knot was lubricated by the copious juices coming from her pussy, he shoved it right on end. This time was a little different though his knot didn’t pull out like the first time and as we found out it was going to last longer. He was slamming into her so hard this time that she was getting rug burns on her elbows and knees as her pushed her across the floor. This time he was really jack hammering her pussy, there was dog cum leaking down her thighs and she was hollering as he went, fuck me fuck me harder faster and the dog seemed to oblige her, it must have lasted 10 minutes before he thrust in real hard and deep and tightened his fore paws around her waist and shot his wad right into her womb. He howled and she screamed ecstasy. I counted 5 or 6 orgasms for her, this time though she collapsed to the floor but the dogs knot was tied real good and held her ass and cunt in the air. He quickly turned and treating her like a bitch he tried to walk away but he couldn’t drag her. After 40 minutes he finally went down enough to pull out and even then the knot looked like a big red orange. Later as we crawled into bed she kissed me and said “ if we ever do that again get the camera and movie camera out and record it because I want to see what’s happening besides feeling it” And I would love doing it to. I’ll try to talk her into telling how it felt/ The End Maybe Hope you enjoyed
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