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Growing up in rural Texas, Michelle had learned “the facts of life” in the way that farm kids often do, from just watching nature take its course: she’d seen rutting farm dogs become “tied,” many times, and had seen breeding stallions on a nearby stud farm plunge their awesome cocks into mares. These were of course familiar sights in farm country, the kind of thing that people talked about matter-of-factly--just animals being animals. But as Michelle reached sexual maturity, years later, and began to daydream about sex, she couldn’t help wondering whether a man would ever take her with the passion she’d seen in these animals, if human sex could ever involve a joining as intense as a dog lodging his knot into a bitch, or a stallion mounting a mare. Of course, these were just fantasies--ones she could scarcely put into words. But they were still there, somewhere in the back of her mind, when she finally started dating, toward the end of high school.Michelle had no trouble finding boyfriends. She was a pretty, petite redhead who had mischievous-looking green eyes, and full, pouting lips that drew as many looks as her perfect, heart-shaped ass.But the farm boys that Michelle dated in high school tended to disappoint her. The ones she felt most drawn to had a certain would-be cowboy swagger and blunt, plainspoken ways that at first seemed exciting. But, on some level, it was all a show: deep down, too many of them were just frightened adolescents, scared of themselves and unsure of how to relate to her.Finally, right after graduation, the eighteen-year-old Michelle started dating a sullen, brooding young man named Frank. What drew her to Frank was her sense that there was a deeper well of passion, a different kind of hunger in him. Michelle felt deeply attracted to Frank. To her frustration, though, the two of them just couldn’t seem to get along: they bickered constantly, and sexual tension that seemed to lurk just beneath the surface of these clashes never seemed to resolve them.One sweltering summer afternoon when Michelle was out driving with Frank, the two of them got into another shouting match, and she just got fed up. She demanded that he stop the car, and she leapt out, slamming the door behind her. Frank watched her hips swaying insouciantly away from him for a moment, but, unable to master his agner, drove off in a resentful huff. Michelle didn’t even look back.Seeing where she was, though, Michelle couldn’t help letting out a frustrated sigh: if she walked along the roadside, it would take her close to an hour to get back to her parent’s house. Nonetheless, she felt pretty sure that Frank wasn’t going to come tearing back to apologize--at least not today. So there was nothing to do but walk. But Michelle realized she could save time by taking a shortcut across the neighbors’ field, so she did.Michelle was wearing a sun dress and sandals, which saved her from the afternoon heat. A gentle breeze wafted over her skin, allowing her to cool down from the argument, to relax. Despite the oppressive air, the movement of the breeze through her thin dress hardened her nipples. She sighed again: would she ever find a guy who was exciting, who she could really be happy with, in this little town? She had so much pent-up passion; she knew that she wanted more. She searched her mind for an image of what she craved: something direct, something simple, something passionate, with no fear, no ego or games in the way. She’d never experienced it with a guy, but somehow she could imagine it so clearly.Alone and suddenly, forlornly aroused, Michelle decided to stop when she came to a stand of trees dividing the neighbors’ farm from her parents’. She was a little overheated, a little tired, and as she stopped to lean against a tree in that little line of woods, her imagination offered her the kind of solace he had had so much trouble getting in her relationships with men. She looked around: no one could see her, here, and no else was likely to come this way at this time of day. Closing her eyes, she ran her hands over her breasts, caressing her erect nipples--and, when that wasn’t enough, lightly pinching them. She felt herself getting wet--oh, God, she wanted somebody to take her and f**k her, right there.And, then, unbelievably, like the answer to her prayers, she felt the jolt of something warm, wet, and rough against thigh. She practically jumped out of her skin!Opening her eyes, she saw Duke, one of her family’s dogs, a five-year-old German shepherd that her father had taken in the previous spring, looking up at her with a silly canine smile, his tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth. She’d been so lost in her fantasy that she hadn’t even heard him walk up. He’d licked her thigh only once, stopping when she’d jumped. Now, however, Duke pointed his nose under Michelle’s skirt, obviously smelling her sex--yet maintaining eye contact with her as he got closer to the enticing odors emanating from her crotch. Michelle’s heart skipped a beat; she was speechless. She moved her hand weakly to push Duke’s snout out from under her skirt--something she’d had to do with more than one over-excited dog, in the past. But, this time, something stopped her in mid-motion: the sensation of Duke’s tongue lolling suddenly, hotly, roughly across her engorged clitoris. She felt a pang of pleasure so overwhelming she could barely think, the nerve-endings in her crotch, her nipples, and at the base of her spine suddenly electric with longing. The image of a dog and bitch “tied” leapt into her mind, suddenly seeming like the epitome of everything she’d ever wanted since her earliest sexual fantasies. She thought: *No one can see me, here*, and she panted as Duke now noisily licked her cunt through her panties. She thought: *Oh, my God, I can’t let him do this!* But she wanted it so badly that she felt her legs getting weak. Looking around nervously to reassure herself that no human being was in sight, Michelle spread her legs a little wider, and then reached down to pull her soaked panties aside, exposing her dripping pussy and her ass to Duke’s eager tongue.When Duke resumed licking, Michelle brought her hands down around the dog’s ears and scruff, running her fingers over his fur as his tongue slathered her from her asshole to her clit and back again. It felt better than anything Michelle’d ever even imagined. What was more, Duke kept looking up at her with those soulful, beautiful eyes--so direct, so affectionate, so ... pure.Michelle swiveled her hips upward and pressed her crotch against Duke’s greedy snout, presenting more of her ass and cunt for him to lick. Unable to restrain herself, she moaned out loud when she felt Duke’s tongue part her pussy lips.Now his tongue was darting inside of her, and the sensation sent shudders of ecstasy thoughout her whole body. Maybe it was just the novelty of the experience, but Duke was about to make her cum with his tongue alone.After a crashing orgasm, Michelle’s legs buckled, and she sank back against the tree, ending in a crouching position. She needed a moment to collect herself.But Duke wasn’t going to give her one: taking advantage of the fact that Michelle’s face was now at his level, he sidled up to her and lolled that orgasm-inducing tongue all the way from her chin to her forehead. Michelle laughed at the ticklish sensation, but then Duke’s eyes met hers again, and she was overcome by affection for the brute. She held his gaze, and went back to caressing his ears and neck. She shook her head: “I never knew you had it in you, boy ...” Duke then resumed licking her face in that earnest, affectionate way of his.Michelle still didn’t know what had come over her, but that tongue had given her so much pleasure that she couldn’t resist meeting it with her own. The sensation of their tongues curling together made her feel giddy and tender, all at once. And the conscious realization that she was french-kissing a dog almost made her laugh again, but she didn’t care.Duke clearly loved being caressed and being licked back--he was just an engine of sloppy wet canine affection. But the smell of Michelle’s dripping sex clearly filled him with other urges, as well, now that she was kneeling at his level.Unfortunately, Michelle wasn’t quire prepared--or positioned!--to give Duke exactly what he wanted. She found herself giggling again as the shepherd tried to find a place to mount her, and she started to push him away.But that was when Michelle saw Duke’s cock pointing out from its hairy sheath, dangling very close to her face. In fact, it was already dribbling pre-cum. And the same impulse that led her to caress his head and neck, that had made her impulsively tangle her tongue with his a moment before, made her reach for Duke’s sex to caress him there.Duke whimpered, trying to hump Michelle’s hand; she steadied him by leaning against his body and whispering in his ear. “Good doggie, Duke ... Mama loves her Duke ...”Michelle gently caressed Duke’s cock, and it grew longer and more bulbous in her hands. Duke’s movements and breathing told her how much pressure to use. She marveled at the shape: she’d never seen a dog’s dick so close, before. And it was hot--seemingly hotter than a human body every got. It excited her to think of what that wide, bulbous, superheated cock would feel like in her pussy--but no, she couldn’t imagine going that far. Still, she loved the look and the feel of Duke’s swelling cock. She could feel the knot, now--which made her think once again of a dog knotting a bitch. The thought made her pussy throb with longing.Pre-cum ran over and stuck to Michelle’s fingers. It smelled of salt and copper. Oddly, the smell made her salivate. Her heart was pounding, again. She took a deep breath. She’d given Frank blowjobs, a couple of times; would it be so different to ...?Resolved, Michelle wrapped her arms around Duke’s body, to caress his flanks but also to hold him still, as she brought her full lips up to kiss the dog’s hot, red dick. Thinking of the orgasm that Duke had sent shuddering through her body, Michelle gently kissed the knot, the shaft, the tip, getting a tiny taste of canine sperm. She felt a surge of tenderness and passion, and took Duke’s cock fully into her mouth. Just as she had with Frank, she drew her lips over her teeth to keep them from raking Duke’s sensitive organ, and then began to move her mouth rhythmically up and down the shaft.Duke, naturally, started trying to thrust deeper inside Michelle, the tip of his cock pressing into Michelle’s throat; she used her arms to restrain him, but took as much of each lunge as she could. She loved the feel, the taste. And she thought: *You made me cum like no guy ever did, now I’m going to make you cum like no bitch ever did, Dukie-boy!*Duke trembled, whimpered, and Michelle’s mouth suddenly filled with a rush of hot, viscuous dog semen. From the moment that Michelle had gotten her first taste of Duke's puppy juice, she had desperately wanted to feel, taste, swallow, his ejaculation. (When Frank came in her mouth, she'd spit it out; why was this so different ...?) So she sucked and swallowed greedily to consume as much of Duke's cum as humanly possible. There was so much, though, that some inevitably ran out the corners of her mouth and down her chin to the ground. But she kept sucking and swallowing as much as she could, feeling the warmth wash down her esophagus into her belly (--it was *part of her*, now!)Finally, Duke pulled away, his still tumid but softening dick flopping wetly from Michelle's glazed lips. The poor spent beast curled up a few feet away from her to lick his own groin clean of whatever was leftover from face-f**king his strange, hairless, cuntmouthed bitch.Michelle sank to the ground, overjoyed, terrified. She thought about how she would sneak back to the house without being seen before she could clean herself up. She thought about whether it would be harder to dissuade Duke again the next time that he went for her crotch in front of other people. She thought about how she could experience something like this, *again* ...In fact, Michelle would leave home for college, in a few months. She would rarely ever see Duke or any of his fellow farm dogs, again. (It would be a long while before she even thought about Frank, again!) But she had just discovered a passion that she would pursue for the rest of her sexual life. Just as Duke had planted his seed in her mouth and belly, he’d planted the seed of idea, one that would in time become Michelle's key sexual fantasy: to be pinned prone under a hairy, panting, slobbering canine lover, and, oh yes, to be *knotted*--tied helplessly to him like a bitch--hell, to *be* a dog's bitch. What kind of surrender could be better than *that*?!She didn’t know how, but she felt certain that it was going to happen to her someday, somehow.
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