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I found this in my files. You will like it.This Friday evening commute is driving me crazy, I will never get home at this rate, I thought to myself. Stop and go for 20 miles, ughh. When I wonder if anything can get worse, my cell phone ringsÖI close my eyes and pray its not work or Michelle, my girl friend calling. I quickly grab my phone and say hello, its my girlfriend, she wants me to visit her parents for the weekend. My eyes roll to the top of my head in agony. Can things get any worse?Finally after more then two hours stuck in traffic I pulled into my driveway. Aaahh, relief at last. Little did I know things are going to get very satisfying later in the night.I fell onto my couch still feeling stressed, I decided the only way to relieve the stress from the last workweek is to ďtake my medicationĒ. So I head to my bedroom to spark one up. ďThat did the trickÖnothing can piss me off nowĒ, I said. I have decided to blow off my girl for the weekend, because driving 2 hours to north New England isnít on my top 100 list! I can take the entire weekend to make up an excuse to tell her when she gets back. So I decided to go take a hike before the sunsets this evening. I chose to try a new path tonight; itís an old service road that runs along a historic Massachusetts river. As I shut my car door I notice the temp outside has dropped almost 10 degrees since I left the house, ďdamn coldĒ I say out loud. About 10 minutes down the trail I realized no one is near me, its now safe to be bad. Its time to smoke the joint I had stashed in the pack of cigarettes. I lit it, closed my eyes and savored the smoke. Holding it in until it hurts, beneficial pain is what I have named it. Smiling like a stupid man, I took the last hit, my best hit of the night, tons of smoke hung in front of me, combined with the fog coming from the river, made the scenery look memorable. I looked around and noticed the sun has set, and there is a full moon working its way up the sky. When I was getting used to near silence thereís a noise from down the path that startled me. My heart races as I tried to extinguish the pot without destroying it, at the same time not letting the person coming see what I am doing. Finally I regain myself and start walking toward the fog, away from the noise. Suddenly I think I hear horse hooves galloping behind me, which even scares me more. My mind is racing with bad thoughts, like: the noise is the park ranger on horseback coming to arrest me. I took a deep breath and peered through the foggy, smokey curtain thatís settled around the trail, the figure is emerging from the darkness into the moonlight. Iíve determined that it is a horse that is coming at me, unsure about what to do next, I stand totally still, hoping the park ranger will think Iím a tree.About 10 seconds go buy with the horse walking closer. The horse and I are ten feet from each other, I hoped my stomach doesnít growl, that would scare it away. The horse is pure white, I then wasnít sure if this was a ghost. I examine the shadows around the horse, no one is riding this horse, and there doesnít appear to be anyone with it. With the full moon high in the sky I was able to see down the both sides of the straight trail, nobody in sight. Hmmm, interesting. I was breathing deep, so deep the horse had heard me. Standing in front of me was a beautiful white horse, Iíve never been this close to horse before, I realized. The horse must have escaped its stable. My first thought is to capture it, and find out if there is a reward, money always made my decisions. I stood there as it walked over to me, snorted a couple times then it swung its head over to me face. Stunned I back up fearing it would break my nose with a turn of its head. It came closer to me, smelled my face, and then licked my nose. I stood still to let it gain my trust. My fear subsided as I patted the side of its head. Then the horse nudged my pants with its nose to see what gender I was, I assumed. As I ran my hands down the belly, I noticed this horse trusted me. We looked each other in the eyes, my heart started to race. I not only found this animal gorgeous, but my mind was telling me it was sexy. My sex life with my girlfriend wasnít lacking, so its not like I was desperate for love, it was un-explanatory. I was snapped out of trance by the horse whiskers tickling my face. We were face to face, I closed my eyes and told myself anything goes tonight. I leaned forward and press our lips together, the horse opened its mouth to lick me, we licked each otherís tongues for a moment, I backed away surprised the horse was a great kisser, and had good breath. By now my pants were bulging with what the night holds. We kissed again, but my curiosity was running wild, was this a mare or stallion? I began rubbing its chest under its neck. Slowly I rub its body, working my way to the back end. I slide my cold hands down below to feels its gender. My hands find something warm, two very large nipples. She snorts as if she is enjoying the massage from my hands. I told my self earlier that anything goes tonight, so I knelt down to kiss he tits. As I sucked on one of them, and tickled the other, she shivers for a second then as my lips are rapped around her breast, she starts giving milk to me. I spit out a couple time, then chugged my soda. I sat there in shock. She must have recently given birth. ďIt didnít taste good or badĒ, I said. My desires were working over time because before I new it I was sucking milk from her again. I was in love with this horse like a 100-year-old virgin. After a few minutes of nursing from this goddess mare, you comb her tail with your fingers. Her tail is ground length and flows in the slow breeze. It feels clean, and smells like shampoo. This mare was clean everywhere, its owner probably gave her a bath after she gave birth. I touched her tail to lift it so I can caress her vagina, but as soon as I touched her tail she lifted it for me, she exposed her sculpted round ass to me. She leaned back wards to let me it was all right. I kissed her ass hole so softly, it smelled like fruity soap, moved my face to the underside of her tail, as I kissed the skin under her tail, she arched her tail very high, she bent her back and lowered her head, she wanted to be mounted I imagined. I lowered my face to the top of her pussy, licked her lips all the way down to her clit, spending a couple minutes tickling her there. As I run my mouth up and down her large opening, she tenses her female muscles. I doubted I could give her an orgasm orally, so I need to satisfy her harder and deeper. I looked around for something to make me taller, thatís when I spotted the old stump from an old tree that fell across the river. I walked over and stood on the 2 foot mound of dead wood, the horny equine walked up to me and nudged my pants again, with in seconds I was standing in the middle of the woods at night, nude with my lover next to me. My clothes fell to the ground, and continued to tumble down the embankment. My shirt kept rolling right into the river, nothing was going to bother me now. In a show of gratitude I presented my man member to her to examine, I didnít even think of the fact that she could bite my penis off. She sniffed it curiously, then licked me a couple times, she nodded he head a few times to show she was happy. She again licked me, and then fit my wood in her mouth to taste. I was shocking with enthusiasm at the fact that not only is she the best kisser I have ever had, but gives better blow jobs then Michelle. Just over a minute went buy with her sucking on my stallion size cock. I had to pull out before I exploded in her mouth. She had the taste of my pre cum in her mouth, which seemed to excite her further, her tail was standing straight up, she was a beautiful sight. We gazed into each otherís eyes again, she rested her head on my shoulder few a couple minutes. I ran my fingers up and down her face. She sucked on my fingers that still had the taste of marijuana on them. I just could not understand how an animal can love so much, I felt I was with a human lover, some one I used to love, her name was Ann. When I gaze into the horseís eyes, it feels like I looking in Annís eyes. Damn I miss her, she was killed during a plane crash on her way to college in California. The plane had an engine failure and crashed into a barn. The crash killed all 10 on board, and all ten horses in the barn ten years ago.The moonlight hit the mareís curves perfectly. It was time, she wanted it, and I wanted it!She rotated her rear in my direction and pretended to eat leaves of a near by shrub, at the same time blinking her pink skinned pussy in front of me. I start by rubbing my unit up and down her steamy lips. I finally poked through her, into her wetness. It felt hot compared to the dropping temps outside. I entered her fully on my first thrust, her vagina was deep. To regain better stability I grabbed her waist and performed doggy style on her, her muscles were tightening the harder I rocked into her. As I rubbed the top of her female organ with my rock hard, her inside started to seep with wetness, she was fully stimulated, yeah, and I was too. The intercourse was great, she was a great lover. After a few minutes of hard pounding and rubbing I finally launched my sperm deep into her, even though I released in her I was still humping her. Giving her my all, hoping biology would fail, hoping that you got her pregnant. She relaxes a bit as you slow to a stop. As she lowers her tail she lets out a loud whinny that echoed a great distance, then trots around for a couple seconds. When she is done dancing in front me, she catches an odor she likes, she smells her vaginal juices and my cum on my dick. She eagerly cleans it off me, and plays with me for a little while. Thatís when a see a shimmer from a strap of leather that is around her neck. Automatically I think itís a nametag. As she licks my nuts and belly to get ever last drop, I see a name, but tell my self that Iím seeing things. I will let her finish with me before I look again. After almost licking my entire body the horse walks to the river for a drink to wash down the sex liquid. I put my pants on and walk over to her to double check the name on the tag. Again I read the name, and canít believe it. The tag reads Mare Ann. I stared at the name for a third time. This is the name I used to call Ann before she died. I have always had a thing for mares, and Ann found out. So I used to call her Mare Ann (pronounced Mary Ann) as a pet name in bed. She used to call me St Bernard, because she thought they were sexy, and had the biggest penis of any dog. Could it be her?The horse finished drinking river water and we were face to face again. We gazed into eaches eyes for a real long time, thatís when I knew this night was unlike any other. I cleared my throat, and said Mare Ann out loud. The horse whinnied and bucked with joy, I was confusedly convinced re-incarnation is real, and I have proof. We must have hugged for an hour; during that time I shed my first tear in ten years. Everything fits together now, Aargh, I wanted to show Ann how much I missed her, I was afraid tonight maybe they only night I can, remembering the anniversary of the crash was this month. As I think deeper, I hugged Mare Ann harder, I realize it is in fact ten years ago today. The pain causes me to cry like a baby, I find myself smiling, which confuses me more. I have never cried because I was happy. My two biggest dreams have come: I made love with a mare, and was able to tell Ann I loved her one more time. As I step away from hugging her I hear a rumble in the distance. The noise is coming fast, I scramble to hide behind a huge pine tree. As I sit in awe 10 white horses gallop past me down the path, kicking up dust that mixes with the river fog. As the dust settles you realize your love is gone. She must have run of with the others. Damn it, I noticed it was 10:10pm.The next night I decided to test my luck on more time, I headed back to the trail where my best night ever took place. Unfortunately after waiting for more then an hour I gave up waiting for the horse to show up. A night like last night should only happen once in a lifetime. I believe in miracles!
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