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Hey yall!The first parts of this story were posted on the fantasies forum under the thread 'Bruin Lovin', but I figured this was probably more appropriate in here, since it's become more of a lengthy erotic sci-fi story series than just a brief vague personal fantasy. Enjoy!Part 4I jumped with a start, and immiediately sprang up and hid behind Nak to conceal my nudity. I was absolutely horrified. Nak also jumped up onto her feet with terrifying speed and lowered her head, flattened her ears and pressed out her lips fiercely. She popped her jaws and ‘whoofed’ at Angela in a terrifying defensive display that obviously meant "back off!"Angela backed away cautiously, talking camly to Nak and hiding halfway behind a tree, with her hand at her side prepared to pull out a can of pepper spray in a holster on her belt if Nak were to suddenly charge. "Calm down, Nak, it's okay, she's not a threat.", I assured Nak, patting her on her shoulder hump to calm her down. Nak eventually calmed down and backed off from her threatening defensive display. I stood stark naked behind Nak, and the both of us and Angela both stared at each other in dead silence for several seconds. As Angela’s fight-or-flight adrenaline rush eased, she looked at me with an expression of shock and disbelief."…So this is your research...", she said in an ominous tone of incriminating discovery."What are you doing over here?", I uttered in angry spite of my humiliation. "…So this is how you've gained such an in-depth knowledge of Kodiak brown bear mating behavior, actually taking part in it!", she said in wonder, her eyes sparkling with what almost looked like admiration. I was both frightened and confused at her sudden change of expression."I thought I told you I was bathing! That means stay away from the area! Do you have any respect whatsoever for my privacy? What the hell are you doing coming over here to watch me while I'm taking a bath!", I said in an enraged voice. She shouldn't have discovered me. No one should have. My spiteful anger at that fact was all that I had left. Just minutes ago I was perfectly safe, a famous and prestigious wildlife biologist, and was only weeks away from receiving more research grants, and as well a featured role in a new upcoming documentary filming, as well as other news media coverage and interviews to boot. All that recognition was now gone.Such a fool! ...I should have been more cautious and careful to make sure she wasn't snooting around peeking or spying on me, for whatever reason on earth she had to do so... it was too late now. I knew right there that it was over for me. I wished Nak would just change her character entirely and turn on me, mauling me to death right there on the spot, to save me from the years of humuliation and condemnation by the entire scientific and wildlife management world that I was about to suffer. I would be the scorn and laughing stock of millions. I was doomed. The research grants, the equipment and study sponsorships, my career, my life, everything, ...all whisked away to annihalation in one foolish incidence of being caught in the act of unrestrained sexual bestiality with a forbidden love. I would be beaten down with humiliation and scathing disgust, insulted, ridiculed, stripped of my titles and recognition, sued, maybe even imprisoned.As a last desperate defense, I stammered, and stuttered, "Listen, this isn't what you think it is, she... she was mauling me! Remember... er... Remember my observances of unusual sexual play and other abnormal nonreproductive mating habits brown bears sometimes display? Nak apparently has a rare and unique curiosity towards humans, so she ran me down, pinned me to the ground and raped me! I was raped! I had no choice!", I yelled desperately. "Hey, hey, Relax, it’s okay! …what do you think I'm going to do? I had a hunch for a long time that there was something special going on between you and the bears out here, anyone can see that in your sentimental field notes…", she said, smiling warmly at me... "I think it's brilliant myself.”...My jaw dropped to the ground.“Look at all you‘ve discovered, Going beyond the taboos of western culture or even western science to delve as deep into discovery and understanding of the bear as anyone could possibly go. A million tranquilizer darts, radio collars, and tooth samples wouldn't give the entire bear study community an ounce of the things you’ve discovered about bears during your stay here.""So, you're not... shocked?... You're not going to... report this?...", I said hopefully. "Of course not! This isn't anyone else’s business …but our own." "Our?", I said with surprise."I just wanted to ask you... Could you do something for me, Dr.? "What?", I said anxiously, afraid of what diabolical blackmail scheme she was going to unleash upon me. "Could I... aid you in this area of your research too?", she asked me seductively, looking at me with almost the same lustfully piercing eyes as Nak‘s."HUH? OH.......... Er......... Er… (gulp) ...sure."Nak still stood in front of me defensively, calmer now but still eyeing Angela warningly. I reassure Nak that Angela is not a threat, and give her an encouraging pat on the neck. Angela cautiously steps out from behind the tree. Nak’s aggressiveness melts away, and she stares back at Angela curiously for a few seconds. I run to retrieve my pants by the creek. When I get back, Nak is beginning to slowly walk up to Angela. Angela has never been so close to a bear before, and is still very apprehensive. Angela stoops down eye-level with Nak, and slowly, Nak comes to within arm’s reach of Angela. Angela slowly reaches out her arm, and in return Nak curiously brings her huge brown muzzle up to it, sniffing and nuzzling her hand amiably as Angela was filled with awe.“This is so incredible. I never thought co-existence and mutual trust between people and wild bears could be this intimate.”“Yeah…”, I said in mindless wonder. Both of our eyes began to water with the sentimentality of the moment. A tear of joy and awe ran down Angela’s beautiful smiling face, as Nak licked Angela’s hand with her wide pink tongue.Angela ran her fingers across Nak’s magnificent head, caressing her round ears, her broad neck, her warm muzzle, even touching her fingers to Nak’s thick black lips. I was both excited and apprehensive, I fully trusted my life and safety to Nak, but I wasn’t sure about how unpredictable she might be with a new stranger such as Angela, especially if Angela isn’t careful. Suddenly, I began to get nervous and mutter warnings as Angela began further caressing Nak, running her hands down Nak’s chest, still running lower… What the hell was she doing?“Uh… Angela? I don’t think that’s a good idea, Be careful, please remember that Nak’s a wild adult Kodiak bear! She’s not--”Nak suddenly grunted at me in an annoyed tone, and I immediately fell silent with wide-eyed amazement as Nak seemed to not only tolerate, but anticipate Angela’s roaming hands, they moved down to Nak’s groin and I gasped as Nak suddenly rolled onto her back and held her legs apart expectantly, now openly inviting Angela, a totally strange human whom she had just met, and a female one at that, to pleasure her. Angela smiled, and did what she had already appeared intent on doing. Angela began fondling and massaging Nak’s groin, so apparently affective and efficient at it she appeared as if she had always known exactly how to properly pleasure a female bear. Nak moaned a low rumbling pur of pleasure. Angela fingered the edges of Nak’s vulva, and Nak was ravished by it. Angela’s bravado increased, and she gradually began to work all four of her fingers into Nak’s pink insides, thrusting them in and out. Nak could hardly contain herself, she moaned and grabbed Angela by her sides in her paws, pulling Angela closer. Angela, held low almost right up against Nak’s body, dove her hand in deeper, curved her fingers upward and tickled the upper, most sensitive area of Nak’s clitoris. Nak roared louder than I had ever heard her roar in my life, sending a shockwave resonating through the trees, and she exploded her fluids all over Angela’s hands, releasing her grip of Angela and rolling onto her back. Angela stood up and looked at me, her hands covered in ursine vaginal slime. My jaw was still on the ground, and I looked down and embarrassingly covered my huge bulging pants tent with my hands and stared back at her in wide-eyed shock. Neither of us said anything for what seemed like minutes. Nak, however, was lounging with a very happy look her face, and she soon got up, gave us both a wide bruin grin, and plodded away into the trees with a skip in her step.“Looks like you have some competition now.”, Angela finally said. Unbelievably, I actually began to feel an emotion of strong jealousy. How could she, a woman totally new to the island and to the bears, please a female bear right off the bat more than me? Fingering Nak, a kodiak brown bear sow that I had been acquainted with for months? How did she?… Why did she?…“Why did you do that?”, I finally asked. “You could have been killed!”, I said angrily, “Kodiak brown bears are dangerous! You can’t just walk up to any one you come across, when you don’t even know them and just start masturbating them!”“Oh, well, Mr. bear expert, you didn’t seem to be in a completely safe situation either when you were giving that grizzly sow oral sex! Or putting your face in her mouth, she could have torn your face off!!!”“We’ve been together for months, I trust her!”“Well, so do I now, and she trusts me!”, she argued defiantly.“But… but…” I stammered. There was nothing I could say to fuss at her without being a hypocrite. I simply took a deep breath and sighed. A smile spread across my face and I began to laugh.Angela began to smile and laugh too, and then she lifted up her dirty hand, rubbing the thick, mucousy substance between her fingers, observing it with fascination.“Wow… I’ve never seen such a thick, glutinous coital fluid. It's like axle grease almost! ...It Must be lubricating against quite a rough, high-friction motion.”, she said, grinning and eyeing me provocatively. She suddenly did something that made me gasp. With her hand still covered in slime uncleaned, she reached her hands down the front of her pants and caressed herself in an unseen area, closing her eyes. Though I had watched her entire ordeal with Nak unblinkingly, I turned around embarrassingly, hiding my eyes to give her privacy during whatever obscene thing she was doing. When I peeked around and saw that she was through, I was speechless and at a loss of words as what to say. Her hands were now clean.“I want to conduct the next part of this research now... You’ve got a sow that sure likes you, now let‘s see if this gets the boars interested in me.”, she said.TO BE CONTINUED
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