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This is a story told to me by Regina Walters. Regina is a 38 year old professor at a well known university in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. She is 5’ 10” tall and, at only 122 pounds, is quite slender. Regina has long thick dark brown hair, falling past the middle of her back. Her eyes are a wonderful and unusual golden brown. Her smooth olive skin shows all her Portuguese heritage. Her breasts are quite full., considering her weight, being a quite filled B-cup. But her long, firm legs are her greatest asset. In public Regina dresses quite conservatively (as her career demands), but around home she prefers the long, lean silk fashions she discovered on a trip to Viet Nam. Regina lives alone with her 3 year old Rotty, Milo. Reggie is a life-long lesbian and a life long dog lover. This is her story. Jenny Miller is a cute as they get. She’s tiny, (barely 5 feet tall) with cute perky breasts, light blonde shoulder length hair and big sparkling blue eyes. With her thin nose, high cheekbones and freckles, you would think she’s probably in high school. And, if you are lucky enough to see her washing her little green Mustang II, in her short-shorts and tube top, you’ll pray you can spend the rest of your sunny afternoon just looking at the tight, round little butt peaking out, that flat, soft little tummy and those long, lean tan legs. Like I say, she is CUTE…that wonderful make your nipples stiff kind of cute.And she is as perky as any happy kid I have ever seen. Her soft, cupid’s bow lips seem to always be slightly parted with the hint of a sneaky smile and when she laughs, her almost child-like voice is a thing of pure joy…and she laughs a lot! Just watching her fills me with simple, and warm delights.You only need to see her for a few moments to think “that girl must be very popular”. And she is! Jenny, though only a freshman, is on a college varsity cheerleading team and is very active in many school oriented programs. And if you think that the guys are all dying to know her, you will be right again. But, if you believe that she must have so many boyfriends she doesn’t know what to do with them…well, there you would be wrong.Jenny, for all her perky, sweet feminine style, is dyed-in-the-wool lesbian. And you only need be around the little white house she is renting for a few weeks to know that, in her relationships, she is the feminine partner. I know because Jenny lives right next door. And I know something even more interesting about this fantastic little creature.Like any healthy lesbian woman blessed to be anywhere near such beautiful feminine energies, I found myself very much under Jenny’s spell…and she knew it. From the second story window of my bedroom I can look down on the shrub-shielded backyard Jenny loves to tan herself in. I found myself so enchanted with the “view” that I re-arranged my bedroom so I could just lie on my bed, look out the window and see her below me. I always found myself getting wet…just seeing her walk out into her backyard wearing her tiny thong-bikini. And when she would soooo slowly sooth that baby-oil over her firm, fine body….well, can you tell me one lesbian or bi-gal who wouldn’t be positively glowing inside and out to see such tantalizing beauty?Maybe I could have found her a tiny bit easier to resist if her lounge chair hadn’t been turned to face my room. And maybe I would not have found myself tempted to the point of stupidity if she hadn’t slowly removed her tiny top…showing me the most perfect little A-cups God ever created. And I might…just might have been able to stop myself if she hadn’t take Forever to slowly and soooo sensuously rub those oils into those soooo pretty little titties. But she did….so I couldn’t!Afternoon after afternoon, I watched her, rubbing my own tits along with her. When her tiny hands would spread that oil up her long, tanned thighs…lingering for so damned long to work it in around so close to that tiny patch of white fabric over her pussy….I HAD to start relieving myself. And when her fine fingers would slowly slip under that tiny white nylon triangle….well, I HAD to cum! And she did this to me day after day!Then came that Saturday morning. It was raining….a real down pour…when Jenny walked completely naked into the middle of the yard, sat down and cried! She was sobbing so hard I could easily see it from my window. I wanted to just run over there and hold her! Now, I never thought of myself as a predator, but every fiber in my being was screaming, “Now’s your chance”! My mind was working overtime….trying to find any excuse to be there with her. But logic was failing me fast…and emotion was growing stronger every second.I rushed down stairs and opened my backdoor. I glanced through the downpour toward the little gate that divides my backyard from hers. Then I stripped bare,nowing that if she was shocked to be discovered naked, then, by being equally nude, there was the possibility of bonding. Shaking with hope I opened my back door (and Milo dashed out ahead of me). Then, filled with apprehension, I walked through the driving rain…to that gate. I opened the gate and walked slowly towards her. Her back was to me, so she didn’t see me coming and the rain was coming down so hard, I knew she would never hear me. I just walked right up behind her…squatted down and put both my hands on her shoulders, saying “I think I could use a good cry, too”.She was stunned and terrified! She jolted, and spun on the wet grass right into me…knocking my feet out from under me. I fell over onto my side, sprawled out naked in the long wet grass, with one of her legs trapped under both of mine. She pulled hard to free her leg just as I lifted my to let her free and she fell onto her side, too. Now, here we are, lying side by side, face to face, completely naked in a driving rain. I was trying to struggle to quickly find any words at all that would calm her fears. She was struggling to figure out what the Hell had just happened….but I think, somewhere deep inside both of us, we knew something sweet, fun and magical had just happened, because we both broke out in hysterical laughter at the very same instant. Up to that moment, Jenny and I knew each other as friendly, chatty neighbors….and I knew her as that sexy, teasing creature below my window (and, I think she knew me as that very interesting older woman at the window). But this moment happened like a sweet flood, washing away protocol…social conditioning…and all the silly “rules” others have for so long used to keep us caged. There, in that soggy long grass, in that way too cool rain, on that dark Saturday morning, I stretched out my arms and she snuggled right in. The softness of her rain-cold body, shivered into me tightly and closely, Her fine long leg wrapped over the top of mine…pulling us closer still. She fit so nicely in my arms, and she seemed so tiny and so fragile at that moment. Then she buried her nose in my breasts and cried. She cried so hard…sobs wracking her body as if a terrible agony was punching its way out of her from the inside. She cried and I held her. She sobbed and I held her. She looked up into my eyes, with this deep, empty, but grateful stare…for a long time. Then, with trembling lips, she leaned up and kissed me.Her kiss was soft, gently pressing, warmly yielding. And for one long, wonderful moment, through our lips, our souls embraced. Then she gently pulled away. For nearly a minute she stared into my eyes. Her eyes posed a million questions, whispered of painful fears, danced with flashes of wishes and washed over me with a tide of need so strong all my thoughts were swept away. Then her tiny right hand slipped behind my head, into my soaked strawberry blonde mats and pulled my face to hers.This time her kiss was the finest of artwork. Like music, like magic, her lips upon mine played with my soul. Sometimes gently suckling my lower lip…the nipping it, with sharp teeth…but gently; sometimes sucking hard on my upper lip and scraping it none to softly. Her sweet tongue-tip danced between my lips. …poking and teasing….promising to probe then quickly slipping away. And when I reached with my own tongue, first she nipped it…closing her lips as if to say “no”, then she pressed her lips…full open to my own and suckled my tongue deep and hard. Sweet squeaks of joy…squeaks of passion…blessed me from her throat, from her lips and from her flaring nostrils. Her long, strong right thigh wedged demandingly between the soft wetness of my legs, sliding her knee firm, yet softly on my pussy. And she straddled my other leg and twisted and turned, humping her hot little pussy on my thigh. I was completely lost in the moment, consumed in the fires that were her. But she was the stronger, the one more aware. She broke off, jumped to her feet and offered a hand. She pulled me to standing with more strength than she had. And she dragged me, running, into her little white home. The instant in the doorway, she held me again, and kissed me….her tongue deep in my mouth. Then, running she dragged me, stumbling down the hall, to her bathroom, where she turned on the shower. Again we kissed, pushing into each other. …her firm tummy on my pussy…her stiff nipples on my tummy. Then she dragged me into a tiny steel shower stall…barely big enough to fit only one. We are smashed close together and her soft soapy hands slide like soft silk all over my back…the downward and downward. Then she brazonly slides the side of her index finger lengthwise, straight down my ass-crack. I instinctively hunch my pussy to her tummy and she presses that soft, firm belly into me. And her fingers in my ass-crack slide quickly and softly, teasing me right at the hole! I moan out load, long and deeply, my joy and my thrill and she answers with a purring-soft laugh. Then she leans slightly backward…with her left hand lifts my right breasts and suckles me deep in her mouth. Now my moaning is longer and deeper and stronger. She is sweeping away in sweet love. And her finger at my backside is now tip..softly probing….poking gently…demanding…and firm. And there, in that shower, with her beautiful childlike face hungrily pulling my stiff aching nipple…with slow, sensual demanding determination, she pushes her tiny fingertip past my sphincter ring! Into my asshole! Into my asshole…and deeper! And deeper! Her slim finger is buried full length in my asshole. And I am losing my mind!With her left hand she takes my right wrist and guides my hand to my very own pussy. Then she softly commands, “Do it, Baby”. Again her lips latch on to my nipple. I’m insane! I’m so happy…so crazy! Her tiny finger wiggling deep in my ass….her sweet lips and teeth tugging my nipple. I comply. I finger my pussy. Not gently. Not sensually. Not with any restraint, I finger my pussy with passion…with deliberate, desparate need. Hard and fast, hand all over…fingers in! Fingers out! Ramming and jamming and dying…to CUM! And I DO! In one hot, terrible blow of shear lava….I explode from my deepest of cores! I scream as I cum….as I finger-fuck my cunt….while she is ramming her digit in my ass! And I’m washed with lost balance…dizzy beyond dreams…lost in torrent-tides of raw engeries…HOT! And I cum! And I cum! And I keep cumming! Unable to stop…unwilling to try! And I cum and I cum until the whole world is heaving…until my leg strength fades completely away. And I fall, sliding down the wall of that shower, to become a wet, crumpled mass at her feet.She stands above me, smiling broadly, so tiny and childlike….a naked, nubile elfin dream. And I see, inches before my blurry eyes, her pussy! Such a perfect, perfect pussy! Softly puffy in its swelling…tiny pink lips, like baby rose petals, peak from her tight hairless slit. And the tiniest of pink pearls pears from soft wrinkles of skin,,,her clit,,,begging for love.My hands slide up the backs of her soft firm legs, to her firm, sweet, round little ass. And I pull her to me…pull her pussy to my lips and I Love…I make sweet love to her beautiful perfection…to God’s most beautiful creation. I kiss her tenderly…feeling the velvet softness of her sweet petals brush across my lips. Over and over, I gently sweep my lips…barely, barely touching the soft, yielding tenderness of her fine, slim petals. I revel it their wonderful tenderness. Then, tenatively, so slowly, I extend the tip of my tongue and Feel…barely, softly, slowly feel that soft, butterfly-wing tenderness….flicking…quickly, gently…teasing them…to grow….to sweetly extend…to reach…from my tongue…for my lips.Slowly, gently, tenderly….with lips, then tongue tip, and lips again, I tease them ….seeing them blush from soft and light, to pinker…warmer…glowing. I softly rub her barely haired swollen little mons with my cheek. Grazing the tenderness of my skin over the soft warmth of hers. She is moaning…trembling softly. Her fingers grip…into my wet hair…into my scalp…trying to pull my mouth into her pussy. But I will not rush these wondrous moments.With the tip of my nose, I softly brush the hot, stiffness of her hard, pink clitty. She moans loudly and thrusts her hips toward my face. I pull away….and wait…extend my tongue…and touch…only the very tip…gently to her opening sweet slit. She is shaking now. And whining sweetly through her nostrils. My tongue tip …barely touching…traces up….so slowly….and down….so very tenderly…the length of her sweet, sweet slit. Her smell is so beautiful….like spring clover in rich wet earth…and the sweet moisture that brings the smell of her love glistens in the velvet-silk pink of her pretty slit. More now, slightly more I push my tongue tip into her slit.Her squeals have rhythm….panting rhythm through her nose. Her open lips send no words…only sharp gasps for hair. The volume of her needs become louder…stronger….longing…begging and I respond.My tongue tip grazes her clitty…fluttering hummingbird quickly…touching butterfly softly.. And she wails…high and sharply! My index finger finds her soft slot…to tempt, to torture, to tease. Her quaking becomes bucking! Humping hard into my hand. The strength in her arms now doubles, driving my mouth into her clit….and I suckle hard…and quickly…..so hungry! And she wiggles, and twists….she shakes and screams. Like a young animal complete insane… she slams into my fingers, into my face, into the stall…banging…squealling…screaming….and then….one long high wail and she buckles…sliding down to floor with me.We sit her legs over mine, our pussies pressed together in that tiny shower stall. My hands trace over her lovely face….so red…so hot…so alive! Her eyes meet mine…filled with passion…with wildness…an animal hunger deep and extreme. She grabs the sides of my face and pulls me to her. We kiss…tongues dueling and dancing…hotly…some crazy sulsa dance. And our pussies…with minds of their own…wiggling…twisting…pressing into each other. For a long, sweet moment, we gaze into each other eyes. Then, impreseptively at first, our pussies wiggle slightly against each other. Soft, hot, sweet thrills shoot through us. Soft, hot, pussy sliding gently on soft hot pussy. Swollen velvet lips stroking other swollen soft lips. Stiff clitty slipping over…around stiff clitty. We both look down to watch. Her pussy is so beautiful….so pink and perfect…and just to see it sweet and hot against my own sends shivers through my bones. Her eyes focus only on our pussies. Her eyes are wide…excited! We both move…wiggle…grind…faster…quicker…harder! The little shower stall is filled with the soft sounds of breath hissing through clenched teeth…of soft moans and long, gentle squeals.Faster and faster we move. The rhythmic bumping of bare backs on metal…the soft cantor of soft grunts….matching panting breathing. The squish-splash sound of bare asses on the wet floor. Faster, and faster, and faster…And Then…..long, deep soul-felt moans…ending in gentle-sweet whimpers of release’s sweet joys.And through these sweet sounds, through these hard breaths settling down, I hear the sound…distant and coarse, snapping demands, and moaning sorrow. “Milo!”, I bark loudly. “Shit! He’s out in the rain!”.Before I could utter another noise, Jenny was on her feet, helping me to stand on the slick floor. In an instant she was out of the shower and, dripping wet, running toward her back door. “Come on”, she was yelling over her shoulder, “Your poor puppy must be freezing!”.She burst out the door, stark naked, into the pouring rain. I follow in happy amazement. Her spirit…energy…raw wild passion for life! It’s so free! So beautiful!We are running, splashing through the long grass in her yard. She throws her hands toward the skies and spins around, laughing with the silly, happy giddiness of a little child…and her spirit takes me over. I am laughing and giggling as I run.She reaches the gate before me, turns and says, “Is it safe”?“Sure, Love. Milo loves everybody”, I yell back.She throws the gate open and Milo comes running. I meet him just inside the gate. The poor baby is drenched! I run toward my own back door, with Milo on my heels and Jenny right behind him. We all seem to crash through the threshold in a bunch. Milo shakes himself, nose to tail, spraying everything in sight….and Jenny laughs like it is a party.I throw her a towel, take one myself and say, “you get his front. I’ll get his back”. Squatting on his right to rub down his rump, my feet slip on the wet tiles and I land, with a splat, on my ass. Jenny, standing right in front of him sees me and throws back her head, laughing, Milo, seeing wet, naked female legs in front of him sets out to do some “drying” himself. His wide, long, tongue, in a quick single sweep, wipes from her inner knee, up her inner thigh…right over her perfect pussy! With a squeal of shock (and, I think, delight), Jenny jumps straight off the ground, dropping her towel as she does. As she lands, still facing him, both her tiny hands cover her pussy. He leans to lick her again…and I hold my breath. She doesn’t run. She doesn’t turn away…she just stands there! Again, his wonderful tongue sweeps up her inner thigh….this time over her pussy-covering fingers. And, instead of squealing, she softly moans. Then her eyes catch my stare. In embarrassment, she turns away, leaving her pretty ass to his investigations. And he doesn’t hesitate.This time his thick tongue sweeps between her thin, strong thighs….reaching! And she seems to actually bend towards it….as it slides up her sweet lips from behind. She looks quickly over her shoulder…sees me (and I know my eyes must have been like fires), and she says, in a voice more laughing than scolding, “Miiiiilo! Now you BeHave!”. Then with a giggle, in the swift grace of a cat, she pivots, knees and bends…all in one easy fluid motion…grabs up her towel and throws it over his head. Before he can throw his thick head twice to shake off the towel, she is sitting in front of him, vigorously scrubbing the wet off his face and neck….and saying…laughing, “You baaaaad boy! Miiiiiilo! You Are Baaaad”.Now my mind is filled with so much hope I can hardly contain it. I am sitting beside him, trying to think of what to say to her. Thinking, “It could be! It could! Oh, miii gaaahd! It could!….and vigorously wiping him down. I can’t even do more than quickly glance at her….afraid my eyes will give away my desires….my taboo, secret….now so INTENSE desires. I see that she is smiling, rubbing his shoulders. I continue to wipe him. My right hand is now under his tummy…wiping tenderly as I reach his sheath. I’m not even thinking about what I’m doing. All I can think about is “How can I approach her….about him...Will she think I’m Sick?….will she leave me?”.Then I hear a long, deep, whisper-soft moaning from her. I go to glance at her, but don’t need to. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see her leaning over sideways….looking at where I am wiping….with the distant…very far away….yet completely consumed by Here-and-Now look in her very wide, almost glassy eyes. Then I realize…his sheath…and I know….like always….he is showing his deep reddish-pink “appreciation for attention”. I do not turn my head, but, out of the corner if my eyes, watch her intently.Her eyes to not move. They do not even blink. She is transfixed…hypnotized by Milo’s thick, swelling cock! This is the moment of truth! I drop my towel and move my now empty palm to his thick, thick sheath again. With her eyes never moving…right in front of her….I begin to softly jack him off. Her breathing has changed. She is softly, quickly panting. Her pretty face is deep red. So is her neck. The tops of her shoulders and her sweet little titties are deep pink and glowing.I take an even bigger chance, “Beautiful, isn’t it, Jenny. Don’t you think his cock is beautiful”? Her response are the weak tiny oooh, of a quickly chanting dove. Then Milo’s big tongue sweeps up her tummy and over her tits. She wails loudly….the sounds of resistance…draining away. Again he licks her titties. And her wails are loud moans! Again he licks, forcing downward, pushing her over with his massive head as he reaches for her pussy. That magnificent tongue sweep long and deep in her pussy! She fall back on her elbows and hands. Again he licks her pussy! Her tiny hips buck…with mind of its own….to meet his tongue. Her eyes in amazement stare at her pussy…at his tongue! Her sweet lips hanging open…quivering. Her lovely mouth puffing out soft, sweet moans. And my wonderful Milo does as he’s trained and, with long, textured tongue, sets to his task….licking and licking and licking. Jenny is out of control! Her body spasms and jerks! Her moans are now exquisite screams. She is bucking and thrashing…grunting and panting! She is cumming! And cumming! And cumming! I’ve completely forgot I’ve been jacking him off, but now Milo is ready….and more! His hind feet are dancing. His front are pawing the air. He steps back from his meal…head held high and waits. Jenny, below him lets out a long, whining wail…”Noooooo. Pleeeese more! Oooooh gaaaahd More!”I can see her desperation! She is over the edge! And she loves this powerful in which she’s blown. And I tell her the truth…“Baby, he wants to fuck you”.Her eyes get enormous. She stares at this thick red cock and, in a motion of pure gymnastics, lifts spins and lands on her hands and knees with her cute little ass facing us. I absolutely explode with joy! She is The One!“Drop!”, I practically shout. “Put your head on the ground”. And she’s there before I finish the last word.With her cute little pussy high in the air…offering itself to Milo’s hot cock.I quick throw wet towel over her back, just as Milo steps forward. He thursts and with my help, on the very first try, rams his hot cock inside her! She SCREAMS! Its fear and pain and more! And he pounds her! And pounds her. One hundred twenty pounds of animal strength dedicating all it has to ramming into her tight little hole! And she screaming and screaming, with each beat of his pounding…so fast…so loud….so wild. And her screams are not fear, they are Life’s hottest passions proclaiming themselves to the stars. He keeps pounding at her….like a rabbit. Then she lets out a glass breaking shriek of pure pain! The knot! He plowed her with that knot…that tennis ball knot! And she shrieks, then moans loudly and long. And Milo stops his pounding.Her face, her neck, all of her back I can see, is deep red. Her eyes are dreamy…glassy….wild….and sedate. He is in her….deep inside her…knot and all…spraying her womb with hot, hot cum. She can feel it. She IS it. She is sex, wild and deep….nothing else. And from her soft trembling lips are sweet little sounds like a baby bird learning to sing. For a few long, wonderful minutes Milo’s muscle and mass stood over her tiny body, his long tongue hanging…dripping saliva in her firm, strong back…as he panted in masculine content. Then he started to shuffle. I knew he was about to turn.“Squeeze you pussy, Jenny! Clamp hard and hold him in you”, I softly commanded.A loud, long moan came from her soft, puffy lips. I knew her worn little pussy was doing all it could.In two steps, Milo straddled her ass and faced away. What a view! Here is Jenny’s tight, tiny little ass high in the air and Milo’s huge vein-covered deep red cock buried in her tight, now very swollen and red little pussy.I lowered myself to my side and slid down beside her. I kissed her lightly…quickly…on her forehead, her cheeks, her eye brows…on her chin, her cheeks and her lips. The whole time I’m telling how beautiful it is…how hot and sexy she is…how much I love her. I couldn’t do it enough! I couldn’t tell her enough!Her only responses were soft sighs and quivering little attempts to kiss me back. After maybe ten more minutes, Mighty Milo pulled out of her with a swooshing wet sound. As he did, sweet little Jenny let out a very long sad moan and collapsed to the floor…completely exhausted.----- Dear Readers, for you this is the end of the story. For Reggy and Jenny it’s just the beginning.------
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