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"KIRA & ASHALEA "It happened 1 night in June Kira was out walking in the local park where she met her college pal Ashalea (pronounced Ashlea ) it was going on about 6pm it was dark the girls often walked through the park after classes & would meet up with friends @ a club for drinks.Kira was a short brunette around 4' 9" in height weighed about 80 kilo's although she was rather big she was beautiful & voluptuos in a lot of ways men were always staring @ her boobs it made her feel ok about herself she didnt date very often because she was waiting for somebody to come along with the same interest's as her.Ashalea was also brunette about 5'10" & a gorgeous size 10 body she had been married but it didnt last long her darling husband was more into blondes with huge boobs .Both women were 31 & had decided that taking classes would help then enhance themselves .whilst walking through the park Kira noticed Ashalea rushing towards her she smiled & waved both girls were feeling the on coming winter & walked arm in arm trying to keep each other warm they were both giggling and chatting about their day of classes, Kira noticed a sound in the bushes & pulled Ashalea to a quick stop ."What was that.?" she asked, Ashalea looked round her friend & shrugged "it's probably just a rat or a stray cat dont worry about it lets go ." The girls carried on down the path only to stop again when Kira heard the sound again ."Something is going on in that bush , come on I wanna see what it is ." Ashalea knew when her friend got an urge that was it no stopping her so she followed her to the bush , they approached quietly both kind of scared & hyped up @ what ever they might find but what they might have found if they hadnt been interupted would definetly not have been something either expected.Zac watched as the 2 girls appraoched him he wasnt worried he had been here before watching them regularly walking past giggling & talking about their day it only made it hotter for him with his female german shephard Gemma his hot cock inside her juicy pussy pushing it in & out of her to orgasm having the girls walk by when he was there made him wish they would join him , Zac also had a male shephard back @ the house Tyson was bigger then Gemma & his doggy cock was about 9 inches long just nice for these 2 girls to enjoy.He watched as the girls walked past & stop then watched as 1 woman encouraged the other to ignore the sounds in the bush they were probably scared it was a rapist.they didnt walk far when Gemma made a small noise, now they were turning back heading towards him he pulled out of the hot pussy & pulled his jeans up just as the girls got closer ."Kira ." she turned as she heard her name being called it was Brad he was in 1 of her classes from college .The 3 intruders chatted for a few minutes before they made their way away from the bush & headed to the other side of the park .Zac didnt know wether to be relieved or disappointed that the girls didnt see him he had watched them often enough walk past him & his dogs during their nightly sex romp in the bush beside the walk way all Zac knew was ...he had to get out of there he made his way home with trusting Gemma then after feeding her & Tyson he headed to the shower then out to the club.Ashalea saw zac enter the club & yelled for him to join them the 4some had been friends for about a year they had met in history class with boring old Mr Woodward they often joked all the old guy needed was a good blow job then maybe their class wouldnt be so boring ."What happened to you after classes ?."Ashalea's eyes always seemed to light up in Zac's mind when she saw him but she had told him many times that a 21 year old just wasnt in the cards for her ."I had to walk my dogs & feed them just in case you changed your mind tonight & decided that a 21 year old guy might be fun to try rather then settle for those old cocks you always hook up with." Zac's impish grin always gave Ashalea reason to smile he was kind of a robin williams , patrick swayze cross over short in height maybe 5'1" long brown hair that he always kept tied in back not really clean shaven he looked like he belonged in a field somewhere picking fruit his body was well toned he weighed around 73 maybe 74 kilo's, yes she would love to go there but just couldnt bring herself to do so.Kira had noticed that look on her friends face & always knew now was the time to distract her she had been chatting to Brad about the up coming weekend party Brad wasnt a bad looking guy around 5'4" in height long reddy brown hair down past his shoulders Kira often joked Brad & Zac could be brothers for their love of long hair.Brad had tattoo's & both his nipples pierced although he only weighed around 57 kilo's he was well toned & kira often found herself fantasizing about him especially after watching him @ their last beach party he hadnt worn a shirt that day & the tattoo's on his chest enhanced the muscles in them & his arms were so well toned she was breathless @ the sight."Oi you pair what are you doing ?." Kira knew this was a stupid question but she had to distract her friend somehow .Ashalea thanked her with her eyes & was glad Kira knew when to save her from Zac's advances.the conversations went on all night then the girl kissed the guys good bye as they jumped into a taxi heading back to their flat they shared about 40 minutes away from the college.At last it was saturday night party time for the girls Kira was wearing her black slacks with her loose brown hippy top she left her long hair hanging freely , Ashalea wore a tight denim skirt with her halter top her long hair in a pig tail behind her head, the girls were looking forward to this party even though they hung @ the club during the week after classes parties were the place to mingle & pick up men or women .Zac & Brad had promised to give the girls a ride to the party even though it was 40 minutes out of Zac's way he would do anything to be in a car beside Ashalea or anywhere that close to her ,right on 7pm they heard the car pull up out front & they rushed out to meet them . The conversation flowed from classes to teachers to the party the girls were chatting away they didnt notice they werent heading towards the party until they pulled into the garage of the house the door closed slowly behind them.Kira looked @ Ashalea confusingly "Ok guys whats goin on this isnt where we are supposed to be ." Zac answered her quickly "I forgot something for the party I have to grab it before we can head out why dont you girls come up for a drink then we'll head out .?"The girls followed the 2 men up the internal stairs into the large living room wooden walls surrounded them covered in paintings from various artists none that the girls could name 2 dogs excitedly romped up to the girls nuzzling their love mounds the girls laughed @ the playfulness of the dogs Ashalea who was wearing a small g-string under her skirt squeeled as 1 dog nuzzled right in under the side of her g-string sliding his tongue in enough to touch the tip of her clit.Zac shooed the dogs away handing the girls their drinks "sorry they are very playful they love when I have company." Kira remarked that the dog's were very well groomed Zac smiled & replied "my dogs are my life ."The girls sat down to enjoy their drinks on 1 side of the house was a huge window over looking the river they all talked for a bit when Zac noticed Ashalea playing with Tyson gently rubbing his back then under his belly she laughed nervously as Tyson's member started revealing itself "wow he is a horny bugger ," she giggled @ zac . "Well can you blame him a horny woman rubbing his fur like that i'd get a hard on too ." Kira & Ashalea giggled .Ashalea got on her knees in front of Tyson & started stroking his member trying to get it to full erection after succeeding she took it into her mouth & began licking & sucking it deep into her mouth Kira squeeled " what the hell are you doing Ash ?." watching her friend Kira couldnt believe she was doing this Ashalea just continued to lick & suck @ the doggy dick not caring that the boys were watching or her friend was freaking the boys just watched mesmerised Brad had heard about women having sex with dogs but he didnt believe he was watching this gorgeous woman sucking this dog's prick .Kira looked on in wonder & asked her friend what it tasted , felt like Ashalea grinned " it tastes metallic but oh it feels good , hard not like a mans penis ." Kira couldnt believe she was watching this @ the same time Zac had called Gemma over & had her standing in front of him while he licked & fingered her doggy pussy both men had a hard on & Kira felt her wetness between her legs, oh god this was garbage here she was with 2 hot guys her best friend & watching animal sex.Ashalea removed her g-string & her skirt & halter top & was completely nakid kneeleing beside this huge animal still giving him oral the boys followed suit & removed their clothes Brad moved in behind Ashalea & kneeled down low enough so he could lick her clit while Zac moved in front of her to play with her beautiful size 36DD breasts even though she was a small sized woman her breasts were lovely & round the 3 played around while the dog just stood there humping Ashalea's mouth with his huge dog cock she was trying to suck all of his juices down her throat but was wearing just as much as she was swallowing Zac pushed her onto her hands & knees & put his hard cock into her mouth" suck this while the dog has his way with your wet cunt ," he said in a husky voice Brad had moved to the side of them & was pulling on his own cock hard & fast then in slow rythym Kira just watched them all fascinated by the sight in front of her as Tyson licked the back of Ashalea 1st starting with her pussy then moving his tongue to her anus he licked & nibbled on her pussy then climbed up on top wrapping his paws around her thin waist he had trouble placing his huge member in her pussy Zac leant over her to help guide him in.Ashalea gasped @ the size of the member entering her pussy moaning on zac's cock as he thrust it in deep to the back of her throat then withdrew it slowly Brad moved over closer to them laying his head under Ashalea's boobs which were glistening with sweat by now & began licking & sucking them as they moved back & forth under the power of pushing from Zac & the huge animal , Kira had also moved under Ashalea by this time & was nibbling on Ashalea's left nipple while rubbing her own clit , Zac reached down & pulled @ Kira's slacks "take them off he mouthed " Kira reaches down & removed her slacks & under wear & Zac played with her clit while moving his hard cock in & out of Ashalea's mouth , Brad reached across while sucking on the breast of the rocking woman & played with Kira's breast , Kira & Ashalea moaned @ the same time , Kira removed her shirt & Brad moved out form under Ashalea & went around to the woman lying under Ashalea & began licking on Kira's pussy sucking @ her outer lips licking teasing her clit then moving 1 finger inside of her hot wet love mound .Ashalea moaned as the dog's hard member moved in her hot wet cunt she could hear the squelching sound as his juices mixed with her own her feet & legs were in a puddle of juices on the carpet Zac pulled his cock out of Ashalea's mouth & called Gemma back over to him he licked & sucked @ the female dogs pussy bringing her juices flowing out he then placed his rock hard cock inside her pussy & began pushing it in & out of her wet mound of love Ashalea moaned louder then screamed , "oh my god he is mating me his knott is going inside oooh oooh god ." she couldnt speak anymore she felt like she was being torn as Tysons knott tied them together .Brad pushed Kira up onto the couch into doggy position & placed his cock inside her wet pussy pushing & thrashing her to orgasm as the 4some enjoyed what they could have called the best sex they had all ever experienced Brad pumping away into Kira , Zac pumping his rock hard cock into his female canine lover & Ashalea cumming all over the carpet with Tysons love juices mixed in .the 4some all came @ once moan's could be heard throughout the house they all relaxed on the floor while Tyson licked his messy cum out of Ashalea's pussy , but Tyson wasnt done he smelt Kira's sex from across the room & moved to her to clean out Brads cum from Kira's hot mound she at 1st was shocked & wanted to say stop Ashalea seeing the look of pure fright on her face said "Kira its ok just let him go & enjoy yourself." Kira finally let the dog have his way realising her friends werent going to let her pass up this chance Zac had moved away from Gemma & was fondling Kira's breasts while Brad passionatly kissed Ashalea moving down her throat to her breasts suckling each 1 like a baby savouring the taste & smell of sex flowing from her glistening body.Kira moaned as Tyson licked her pussy , nibbling her outer lips & then searching her inner pussy with his tongue rubbing around the sides like he was cleaning out a bowl of dog food.Kira was flat on her back on the floor Tyson moved up on top of her & tried to place his hard cock inside her wet pussy but she was to low to the ground so zac helped her to move Tyson off her so she could get on all fours Tyson reluctantly moved backwards so Kira could reposition herself Tyson excitedly jump back onto Kira's back his paws went round her waist & Zac helped him slide his doggy cock inside her wet mound of love Ashalea moved in under Kira while tyson fucked her pussy & began licking her clit Zac sucked & nibbled @ Kira's breasts while Brad placed his cock into Ashalea's glistening cunt Kira moaned as Tyson rocked her back & forth with his huge member enclosed in her pussy it was so big Kira had never experienced a cock this size before moving her body in time with the huge beast Tysons tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth dribbling all over Kira's side Zac was playing with own cock again as it had grown to full length from the sites he was seeing , Brad was fucking Ashalea rapidly moaning loudly as his hard shaft moved in & out Kira felt herself cumming & moaned loudly "OH MY GOD oooooooh ohh ooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yes thats it right there stick your doggy dick inside of me I want to feel your dog cum fill me up ."Ashalea was working harder on Kira's clit while Brad fucked her pussy making her moan as she pushed her finger against the tip of Kira's clit & licked & nibbled it @ the same time Zac had moved in front of Kira's face placing his cock deep into her throat, Kira thrashed back towards the beast as he fucked her hot wet mound & sucked on Zac's cock taking in as much as she could both her juices & Tysons flowed from her body down on top of Ashalea's stomach dribbling to either side of the luscious womans body Brad was nearing climax as Tyson turned his ass to Kira's ass panting his tongue hanging from the side of his mouth Zac yelled "FUCK" as his load shot deep into Kira's throat & they all climaxed together while Kira waited for Tysons doggy member to soften the others sat around smoking a cigarette & drinking their drinks agreeing tonight was the best night they'd all had & how sorry they werent for missing the party .
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